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  • South Africa anti-poaching sting uncovers rhino horns

    A South Africa anti-poaching operation resulted in the confiscation of 90 pounds of rhino horn, officials said Saturday. Two suspects were arrested in the South Africa anti-poaching sting.

  • UN climate change report: Do we need another one? (+video)

    The United Nations issued its fifth climate change report Sunday, affirming with 95 percent certainty that humans are responsible for global warming. But now some outside and within the UN are wondering if it makes sense to embark on another mammoth climate change report.

  • Uranium plant leak prompts investigation

    Uranium plant leak Sunday in southern Illinois is being investigated by an official from the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission. No injuries were reported from the uranium plant leak.  

  • Solar electric cars: When your gas station is the sun

    A growing number of electric car drivers are fueling their vehicles with the power of the sun. Rooftop solar panels can easily generate enough electricity to power an electric or plug-in gas-electric hybrid vehicle. 

  • BP oil spill 'bathtub ring' on Gulf floor, study says

    BP oil spill 'bathtub ring' about the size of Rhode Island remains on the floor of the Gulf of Mexico according to new research. The 2010 BP oil spill spewed millions of gallons of oil into the Gulf of Mexico, leaving what researchers say resembles an oil spill 'bathtub ring' on the sea floor. 

  • Gas prices dropping. Where are the lowest prices?

    Gas prices are dropping around the US, driven by a decrease in crude oil prices. One survey says US gas prices have dropped 18 cents per gallon in the last two weeks.

  • Gonzalo causes over $200 million in damage to Bermuda, company says

    The hurricane struck the British island chain in the Atlantic Ocean late last week, but produced no fatalities.

  • Tornado swarms on the rise?

    Total tornado tallies have remained steady, but the nature of tornado outbreaks has changed. Now, long dry spells are punctuated by tornado swarms.

  • World's tallest cow: Blosom, a 6-foot-4-inch bovine

    World's tallest cow, Blosom, measures 6 feet, 4 inches and is owned by an Illinois woman. Blosom earned the title of world's tallest cow in mid-August by Guinness World Records.

  • EPA: US cars more efficient than ever

    The average fuel economy of new US cars and trucks hit a record 24.1 miles per gallon (mpg) last year, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. Overall fuel economy for new cars and trucks has risen almost 5 mpg since 2004.

  • Hinkley Point nuclear plant gets OK from EU

    Hinkley Point nuclear plant in England gets an approval from the European Union to subsidize the construction and operation of the plant. Environmentalists who oppose Hinkley Point were furious over the decision.

  • Good news: Your energy bill should shrink this winter

    Last week's freezing winter was so cold it may make this coming heating season appear mild by comparison. That's why the US Department of Energy is forecasting Americans won't have to crank up the heat as much this year, so they'll pay less for energy.

  • Dead bear cub found in Central Park

    A dead bear cub was found in Central Park Monday morning by two women walking their dogs. The dead bear cub was being sent to Albany, where the state Department of Environmental Conservation was taking over the case.

  • Great white shark attack closes California beaches

    Great white shark attack in California shut down three beaches over the weekend. A 28-year-old surfer survived the attack Thursday from a great white shark. 

  • Reza Baluchi, man in bubble, rescued by Coast Guard (+video)

    Reza Baluchi aimed to run to Bermuda in a homemade floating bubble, but was rescued by the US Coast Guard after suffering fatigue. Reza Baluchi was transported to a nearby Coast Guard station and found to be uninjured.

  • Crabs on a plane make for crabby passengers

    Crabs on a plane delayed a flight from New York to Charlotte, North Carolina Thursday. The live crabs got loose in the cargo hold but it was unclear who was shipping them.

  • Scientists invent first rechargeable solar battery

    The rechargeable solar battery could make solar power more affordable, allowing the renewable energy source to be deployed more widely. The rechargeable solar battery was invented at Ohio State University.

  • Gas platform fire forces evacuation in Alaska

    A gas platform fire offshore in Alaska's Cook Inlet broke out early morning Thursday, forcing four workers to evacuate. No one was injured and environmental risk from the gas platform fire is considered minimal.

  • Persistent beaver vs. road crew: beaver 3, road crew 0

    A persistent beaver has confounded a road crew in Washington trying to clear its dam under a bridge. Crews have removed a beaver dam three times since August and each time the persistent beaver rebuilds it.

  • Police help homing pigeon that can't find home

    A lost pigeon took refuge at a New Hampshire police station, after cloudy weather affected its ability to navigate. The lost pigeon was waiting for sunny weather, Wednesday night, resting in a box and eating popcorn.