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  • Energy Voices Solar power: World's No. 1 electricity source by 2050?

    Solar power could make up more than a quarter of the world's electricity supply by mid-century, according to a new report by the International Energy Agency. That would make solar power the world's largest source of electricity, providing more than fossil fuels, wind, hydro, and nuclear.

  • Energy Voices UN Climate Summit: Lots of talk, little action

    As the traditional UN pathway to an agreement on climate change has proven intractable and largely ineffective, the climate movement has grown louder and more aggressive, Cunningham writes. But can history offer a lesson in forging a global compact on energy and environment issues?  

September 30, 2014

Photos of the Day 09/30

A model wears a creation for Junko Shimada's Spring/Summer 2015 ready-to-wear fashion collection presented in Paris, France.

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