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  • Brazil election: What it means for an aspiring energy superpower

    Brazilians head to the polls Sunday for a runoff election to decide their next president. Regardless of who wins the vote, Brazil's new leader must immediately address the factors limiting the nation’s energy potential, writes Alexis Arthur of the Institute of the Americas.

  • Midterm elections: Why environmental groups are backing Republicans

    Hoping to make climate change a bipartisan issue, environmental groups are endorsing Republicans and moderate Democrats in the midterm elections. The strategy is a pragmatic shift for green groups, who have more money and clout in this election than ever before.

  • Ukraine gas talks fail again. Why that's a big deal.

    The coming of winter ratchets up tension surrounding Ukraine gas talks, which fell short of a deal again this week. Still, hopes remain high that a deal will be reached to pay off Ukraine's gas debts and reopen the flow of Russian supplies. 

  • Oil prices: Will the slide hurt the US shale boom?

    Oil prices continue to fall, putting pressure on US drillers who need oil prices to remain relatively high to make production profitable. Low oil prices are already reducing the number of active drilling rigs in the US.

  • Crude oil prices fall again. Buckle up for gas prices below $3. (+video)

    Crude oil prices just keep falling, and gas prices are following suit. Many analysts think the downward trend in oil prices will continue, driving the average price at the pump in the US below $3.00 a gallon.

  • Winter heating: US energy is booming. But can it heat your home?

    An energy boom is only as useful as its ability to transport the energy to the homes, businesses, and industries that need it for heating and other purposes. Will pipeline constraints and crowded US rails make for another winter heating season of too much cold, not enough fuel?

  • New biofuels recipe: iron with a pinch of palladium

    Scientists have combined iron and palladium to form a new catalyst for converting biomass into fuels fit for today's gas tanks. It's part of an effort to make biofuels more energy dense, and therefore more competitive with fossil fuels. 

  • Oil prices make the story (+video)

    There are no shortage of theories for why oil prices have suddenly collapsed. Ultimately, Cobb writes, the whole issue of oil prices is too complex and too lacking in transparency to be discussed intelligently when it comes to short-term price movements.

October 25, 2014

Photos of the weekend

Competitors participate in the Tough Mudder challenge near Winchester in southern England Saturday.

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