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  • Why oil firms want a say in global climate talks

    Major oil companies including Total, Eni, Saudi Aramco, BG, Royal Dutch Shell, and others have come together to form an industry group to weigh in on climate negotiations to take place in Paris later this year.

  • One industry is cashing in big on cheap oil

    Low oil prices have meant an uptick in demand for tankers that ship crude oil and refined products around the world, writes Charles Kennedy. And that growing demand has meant tanker companies can charge more for their services.

  • Goldman Sachs predicts $45 oil by October

    Crude prices have risen over the past few weeks, after collapsing from $100 a barrel last summer to around $50 a barrel early this year. But as James Stafford writes, some predict prices could fall again later this year.

  • Oil markets indifferent to latest Islamic State victory in Iraq

    Iraqi oil production is growing, writes Nick Cunningham, even as Islamic State gains ground. The global glut of crude has insulated markets against geopolitical shocks, and the fall of Ramadi hasn't impacted production in Iraq's oil-rich South.

  • US's shadowy energy partnership with oil-rich Azerbaijan

    Azerbaijan has long been a key piece in the US's foreign policy puzzle, writes Nick Cunningham, and news that Congressmen traveled there at the expense of a state-owned oil company is the latest link between the countries.

  • Saudi Arabia continues to turn the screws on US shale

    OPEC mega-producer Saudi Arabia is boosting oil production to hold its market share, writes James Stafford, forcing US shale drillers to scale back production until prices rise.

  • Did Saudis snub Obama over Iran deal?

    Unless the US can do more to assuage Saudi Arabia's concerns, writes Nick Cunningham, Arab opposition may undermine a comprehensive deal on Iran's nuclear program.

  • More bad news for North Dakota’s oil industry (+video)

    Low oil prices are especially challenging for producers in North Dakota, where the cost of production is high. Pipeline spills and an oil train derailment there last week add another dimension to the difficult oil drilling picture in the state.

  • Britain forces Russian oil tycoon out of North Sea

    The potential of future US and UK sanctions on Russia has scuttled a Russian billionaire's plans in North Sea oil and gas fields, writes Andy Tully. It comes at a time when low oil and gas prices have decreased interest in North Sea fields.

May 26, 2015

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