What will Earth be like in 2099?


It's natural to think about what the world might be like decades from now: What inventions will have radically changed lives, much as personal computers and the Internet have impacted everyone today? What will cars (if we still have them) and houses look like? What sort of clothes and hairstyles will people be wearing? Will space travel finally be common? How will most of us make a living?

And on the environmental front: Will there have been big effects from climate change? (And, if so, will scientists have been able to do anything about them?)

As Dan Bloom, an environmental activist now living in Taiwan, was musing about some of those questions – especially the ones relating to the environment and global warming – he wanted to galvanize young people to do something to make a difference.

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So he decided to produce a YouTube video addressed to the graduating class of 2099, a "wake-up call" as he puts it in an interview with the newspaper of his alma mater, Tufts University in Massachusetts.

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