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    Many smokers don't realize that cigarette butts aren't biodegradable.
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Here's some of the environment-related news that attracted our attention over the past few days:

First, a bit of shameless self-promotion. The Bright Green Blog's Eoin O'Carroll looks at the what might happen to hybrid cars in the government takeover of General Motors: "You just bought a car company. Now what?"

There's been plenty written about the Tennessee Valley Authority coal ash spill, but probably GQ has done it best so far, in "Black Tide," a very long article that explores the human and scientific issues.

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We go from coal ash to cigarette ashes. They're both controversial environmental topics, no butts about it.

Most of us would like to live in a green house, and they are becoming more affordable – even prefab homes are going green, reports USA Today. But what about a house you can heat with a hair dryer? One's slated to be finished by September in Oregon.

And one final link - your laugh of the day:

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