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  • Energy Voices EIA: World has more shale oil and gas, but will it drill?

    Shale oil and gas have revitalized the US energy industry and could do the same abroad, a new EIA report suggests. But oil and gas drilling will depend more so on market forces, than on geologic facts. 

  • Bloomberg details NYC plan to combat climate change (+video)

    New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg laid out a multimillion dollar plan Tuesday to guard New York City against storms and the effects of global warming. Fueled by Superstorm Sandy last fall, the sweeping proposals for New York represent a sizeable step up in scale and urgency for Mayor Bloomberg.

  • Energy Voices Sanctions won't stop Pakistan from Iran natural gas

    Pakistan is looking to Iran natural gas to help resolve its ongoing energy woes, Graeber writes. Tightened US sanctions on Iran's energy sector doesn't seem to deter Pakistan's pursuit for a natural gas pipeline to Iran. 

  • Global warming: Not too late to rein in climate change, group says

    The International Energy Agency urges governments to take interim steps to reduce emissions even before a hoped-for climate treaty, saying aggressive measures can still limit global warming.

  • Energy Voices China: how to rev up a clean-energy laggard

    Is the global push for renewables in vain if China lags behind? A new report on global emissions suggests as much, but hope for a clean-energy future is not all lost. Many see last week's US-China agreement on curbing hydrofluorocarbons as a step in the right direction.

  • Energy Voices EPA biofuel rule: why it needs reform

    We are in a far better position now to consider scaling back our use of ethanol produced from grain biofuel than we were when the EPA biofuel rule was established, Styles writes. With shale gas, tight oil and various renewables, the energy scarcity that has defined our policies for the last four decades is far less relevant to our policy choices going forward.

  • Energy Voices World's largest coal company taps solar power

    Coal India, the largest coal mining company in the world will invest in the installation of solar PV panels in an attempt to reduce energy bills and cut costs, according to The company will build a 2 megawatt solar plant which will have the potential to be scaled up to supply excess electricity to the grid.

  • Deer Doritos bag: Police save fawn from snacks

    Deer Doritos bag is no more. Police in Florida discovered a deer with its entire head stuck in a bag of Doritos, late Saturday evening, but the deer Doritos bag was removed without a struggle.

  • Energy Voices The 'Mad Men' of fossil fuels

    There is nothing particularly 'mad' about the role of advertising in society, Cobb writes, and it should really be looked upon as the logical conclusion of the long process of rationalizing modern economic life – a type of economic life which arose simultaneously with the widespread use of fossil fuels.

  • Energy Voices In global climate change fight, what can we learn from Kyoto?

    Nations across the world continue to grapple with how to address climate change, and there have been some tough lessons learned since the Kyoto Protocol, first adopted in 1997. David Shorr, a program officer at the Stanley Foundation, talks about the future of climate treaties in an interview with

  • California nuclear plant to shut: a case of unforgiving nuclear economics

    Southern California Edison is shutting the remaining two reactors at San Onofre, citing high repair costs and an NRC ruling that the utility says would delay reactor restarts.

  • Top 10 states for clean tech

    Clean Edge, a clean-tech research and advisory firm based in San Francisco and Portland, has ranked states for their leadership in clean tech. Here are its Top 10 picks:

  • Energy Voices What caused Indiana's sudden spike in gas prices?

    Gas prices in Indiana skyrocketed well above the national average this week. The sudden, localized surge of gas prices was the result of a "perfect storm of refinery outages."

  • Energy Voices Asia pushes for free-market liquefied natural gas

    Natural gas consumers in Asia are pushing to break the longstanding linkage between the price of oil and and the price of natural gas. Japan is pushing for a futures market for liquefied natural gas, Schaefer writes, and the potential Canadian supply could be the first to get priced this way.

  • San Onofre nuclear plant to shut down permanently

    San Onofre nuclear plant is shutting down for good after an epic 16-month battle over whether the twin reactors could be safely restarted with millions of people living nearby, officials announced Friday. The problems at San Onofre center on steam generators that were installed during a $670 million overhaul in 2009 and 2010. 

  • Energy Voices $500 a barrel? How high could oil prices rise?

    Current energy trends could threaten the Western way of life by 2040 when oil prices could reach as high as $500 a barrel, according to a recent report from the United Kingdom's Ministry of Defence. The continued rise of China and South Asian economies will increase the cost and reduce the availability of energy supplies.

  • Energy Voices EPA biofuel rule: energy solution or economic burden?

    The EPA's Renewable Fuel Standard program has attracted controversy for driving up food prices and the cost of gasoline. Republican lawmakers lambasted the EPA's fuel standard in a hearing on Capitol Hill Wednesday, but supporters say the standard is flexible and an important part of a transition to alternative fuels.

  • Energy Voices Why energy innovation is like mowing an Earth-sized, overgrown lawn

    Developing competitive, high-performance, clean-energy technologies is not unlike a group of people mowing an Earth-sized, overgrown lawn, Stepp writes. It is a problem we’re trying to collectively address and we’re implementing a coordinated set of policy solutions to do so.

  • Energy Voices US opens first bid for offshore wind energy

    America's first offshore wind lease sale will take place in July, the Interior Department announced Tuesday. It's good news for the US wind industry, which is hoping to expand beyond land-based production.

  • NY college explosion blamed on natural gas leak

    An explosion at a college building in New York Tuesday is being blamed on leaking natural gas. The presumed natural gas explosion blew out windows, sent a door sailing through the air and injured seven people, but authorities said none of the injuries were life-threatening.

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