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  • Energy Voices Oil is tearing Libya apart

    One of Africa's leading oil states is tearing apart at the seams defined largely along the divisions suppressed during Moammar Gadhafi's autocracy, Graeber writes. With 48 billion barrels of proven oil reserves at stake, what's next for Libya may have less to do with political reform than it does with who controls the oil spigots.

  • Energy Voices US energy future is a risk management problem

    The practiced confidence of oil and gas industry executives, captive Wall Street analysts and fake think tank academics has convinced the public that there is nothing to worry about when it comes to America's energy future, Cobb writes. But, the realities of our energy situation suggest that we should have little confidence in such pronouncements, especially given their self-interested nature. 

  • Veterans Day 2013: Why energy jobs are good fit for vets

    The job skill parallels between the military and the civilian energy industry allow veterans to translate their experience into a rewarding career with great opportunities for advancement, Rencheck writes. Our military veterans have the training and leadership skills necessary to tackle the needs of a society with a growing demand for energy.

  • Energy Voices What's causing Nigeria's oil spills?

    Hundreds of oil spills reported in Nigeria every year are ruining the environment and putting human lives at risk. A new report from Amnesty International says spills in the Niger Delta are the result of pipeline corrosion, maintenance issues, equipment failure, sabotage and theft.

  • Energy Voices China smog: Can energy efficiency stop 'airmageddon'?

    China is facing pollution challenges today similar to what Los Angeles faced during the 1980s, a problem that energy efficiency helped mitigate. In China, combining cleaner heating fuels with better-insulated buildings is one concrete measure that would support cleaner skies in northern China and beyond, Stranger writes.

  • Nuclear fuel: How to store it safely

    The technical aspects for safe and effective used nuclear fuel management are well understood, Franch writes. We know in astounding detail the characteristics of used nuclear fuel, and how to design systems and protections to assure proper containment and safeguards. 

  • Energy Voices Will Shell return to the Arctic to drill for oil?

    Shell has not decided whether it will proceed with Arctic exploration operations next year, Cunningham writes, but the oil major wants to keep its options open. Shell’s Arctic campaign, closely watched by the oil industry around the world, has thus far been tormented by setbacks and controversy.

  • Energy Voices Clean energy in big business: How to make it happen

    Major companies more than ever before are driving the transition to renewable energy, but that effort is not without hurdles. Seif and Baker offer lessons learned from overcoming the challenges of making big business go green.

  • Senators raise alarm over Asian carp invasion in Great Lakes (+video)

    New research finds evidence that Asian carp may already have made it through to the Great Lakes. Midwest senators want a quicker, more comprehensive response from the Army Corps of Engineers.

  • 'Pandora's Promise': why greens are warming to nuclear power

    'Pandora's Promise,' a documentary on environmentalists' shifting attitude toward nuclear power, airs on CNN tonight at 9 p.m. ET. Even if you are skeptical about nuclear energy, Adams writes, you owe it to yourself to consider the point of view put forth in 'Pandora's Promise.'

  • Energy Voices Solar power sings 'I love rock 'n' roll,' study finds

    Pop and rock music boosted the efficiency of solar cells used to produce electricity by 40 percent, according to a study by scientists in London. Rock on, solar power.   

  • Energy Voices Tesla fire: 3rd Model S crashes, burns. Tesla Motors (TSLA) stock follows suit.

    Tesla Motors (TSLA) had avoided major battery complications until this fall, when three Model S cars crashed and their batteries caught fire. Tesla Motors officials are scrambling to assure investors and the public that these Tesla fires are not spontaneous eruptions that have plagued other battery-powered vehicles. 

  • Energy Voices Should the US export oil?

    The US should lift its limitations on oil exports, according to a growing chorus of those in the oil and gas industry. But exporting US oil will be a tough case to make to politicians and consumers, who still see high prices at the gas pump and worry about the environmental consequences of more drilling.

  • Energy Voices Fuel cell technology: has its moment finally arrived?

    Fuel cells were left by the wayside as solar power and wind power grew in popularity. But now it seems as though fuel cells are beginning to establish themselves in niches that show promise for the future, Kennedy writes.

  • Climate change: Global emissions hit record high, UN says

    Carbon dioxide pollution levels in Earth's atmosphere hit a record high in 2012, according a UN report released Wednesday. The concentration of carbon dioxide, a primary contributor to global warming, is far beyond the level some scientists and environmental groups say is the upper limit for a safe level.

  • Energy Voices Election day 2013: Fossil fuels take hits from Virginia to Washington State

    From Virginia to Colorado to Washington, voters on election day 2013 threw their weight behind politicians and policies that limited the use of coal, oil, or natural gas. Bans on fracking, coal exports, and tar sands were on the ballot in a handful of states, and in most cases, the election day 2013 results did not favor fossil fuels.

  • Energy Voices Tesla Motors (TSLA) hits sales record. Investors hit sell button.

    Tesla Motors' (TSLA) third-quarter sales numbers came in under most analysts' expectations late Tuesday, and the electric carmaker's stock price plunged, triggering a 'circuit breaker' on the Nasdaq. But the fundamentals of Tesla Motors appear to remain strong, and the California-based company has plans for expansion.

  • Energy Voices Virginia governor's race: EPA supporter narrowly beats 'war on coal' messenger

    Voters in Virginia narrowly elected Democrat Terry McAuliffe for governor over Republican Ken Cuccinelli II, who differed among other things on the future of the state's coal industry. Mr. McAuliffe supported new EPA regulations on power plants that will make it difficult for new coal plants to be bought. 

  • Energy Voices How 'smart' street lights save energy

    An intelligent streetlight system, designed by Dutch Delft University of Technology, uses motion sensing technology that automatically dim streetlights when no pedestrians or vehicles are in the vicinity, Kennedy writes, and the idea is ready to go commercial.

  • Energy Voices India Mars mission: How much fuel do you need to get to Mars? (+video)

    India launched its first spacecraft to Mars Tuesday at a price tag of $72 million. It takes less fuel to propel India's Mars orbiter 485 million miles to the Red Planet than you think.

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