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  • Melissa Bachman's African lion hunt draws anger

    The public is in uproar over photos of TV personality Melissa Bachman posing with a hunted lion carcass. The backlash comes right as the US considers whether to list the African lion as an endangered species. 

  • Hydrogen fuel cars in showrooms starting 2014

    Hydrogen fuel cars will be offered by Hyundai, Honda, and Toyota, starting as early as next spring. Hydrogen fuel cars cause no air pollution and can be refueled like gasoline-powered cars, but fueling stations are scarce.

  • Tesla battery fires get NHTSA probe

    The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has opened an investigation into battery fires in Tesla Model S electric cars. The Tesla fires broke out in two of the cars in the U.S. after the undercarriage hit metal road debris. 

  • Elk euthanized for being too people-friendly

    Elk euthanized after video of playful head-butting with photographer goes viral. Officials at Great Smokies National Park said elk was euthanized because he was a threat to people.

  • UN climate chief gives coal CEOs verbal smackdown

    The U.N.'s chief climate diplomat told coal industry CEOs they need to curb CO2 emissions that cause global warming. She said high-polluting coal plants must be closed and new plants should use technology that trap emissions.

  • Energy Voices Eager to change subject, Obama touts healthy energy progress

    President Obama toured a steel plant in Cleveland to highlight job growth in the auto industry and pointed to one area where the US is making advances: energy.

  • Typhoon Haiyan: Is an era of super storms upon us?

    Both the number and intensity of tropical cyclones are likely to rise by the end of the century, as global warming continues to produce fundamental changes in the atmosphere. But that influence on single events such as typhoon Haiyan cannot be seen yet.

  • Texas pipeline explosion: Town evacuated, no injuries

    Texas pipeline explosion caused by drilling crew that punctured an LNG pipeline. Chevron says controlling the fire and capping the Texas pipeline involved in the explosion could take 24 hours.

  • Missing trees: Interactive map shows global deforestation

    A new map of deforestation reveals that the planet has lost 888,000 square miles of forest since 2000.

  • Energy Voices Can Brazil and Iraq sustain world's growing thirst for oil?

    Unstable Iraq and deep-water Brazil are projected to make up more than half of the global increase in oil production over the next two decades, according to the International Energy Agency. It's not impossible, Cunningham writes, but it’s quite a risky bet.

  • Energy Voices Tesla CEO says no recall necessary after Model S fires

    Tesla CEO Elon Musk dismissed concerns over a third battery fire Tuesday, saying the Tesla Motors Model S electric car is among the safest cars on the road. The outspoken Tesla CEO is using his high profile to counter worries about the safety of electric car batteries.

  • Energy Voices For US motorists, it's Christmas in November. Gas prices hit 33-month low.

    Gas prices are the lowest they've been in 33 months in the US, and are projected to approach the $3 mark as the year comes to an end. A combination of ample domestic supplies and light demand are keeping gas prices low, but it may not be enough to boost holiday spending.

  • Energy Voices US to be No. 1 oil producer, but it won't last

    The US will lead the world in oil production for two decades starting in 2015, according to a new report. After that, OPEC will reassert its dominance in oil production.

  • Snowstorm brings early winter to Michigan

    Snowstorm drops up to 6 inches in northern parts of Michigan Tuesday. The pre-winter snowstorm caused accidents and was a factor in at least one fatal crash.

  • Energy Voices Oil is tearing Libya apart

    One of Africa's leading oil states is tearing apart at the seams defined largely along the divisions suppressed during Moammar Gadhafi's autocracy, Graeber writes. With 48 billion barrels of proven oil reserves at stake, what's next for Libya may have less to do with political reform than it does with who controls the oil spigots.

  • Energy Voices US energy future is a risk management problem

    The practiced confidence of oil and gas industry executives, captive Wall Street analysts and fake think tank academics has convinced the public that there is nothing to worry about when it comes to America's energy future, Cobb writes. But, the realities of our energy situation suggest that we should have little confidence in such pronouncements, especially given their self-interested nature. 

  • Veterans Day 2013: Why energy jobs are good fit for vets

    The job skill parallels between the military and the civilian energy industry allow veterans to translate their experience into a rewarding career with great opportunities for advancement, Rencheck writes. Our military veterans have the training and leadership skills necessary to tackle the needs of a society with a growing demand for energy.

  • Energy Voices What's causing Nigeria's oil spills?

    Hundreds of oil spills reported in Nigeria every year are ruining the environment and putting human lives at risk. A new report from Amnesty International says spills in the Niger Delta are the result of pipeline corrosion, maintenance issues, equipment failure, sabotage and theft.

  • Energy Voices China smog: Can energy efficiency stop 'airmageddon'?

    China is facing pollution challenges today similar to what Los Angeles faced during the 1980s, a problem that energy efficiency helped mitigate. In China, combining cleaner heating fuels with better-insulated buildings is one concrete measure that would support cleaner skies in northern China and beyond, Stranger writes.

  • Nuclear fuel: How to store it safely

    The technical aspects for safe and effective used nuclear fuel management are well understood, Franch writes. We know in astounding detail the characteristics of used nuclear fuel, and how to design systems and protections to assure proper containment and safeguards. 

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