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  • Old neighbors. Can they be friends?

    The United States and Cuba are stepping carefully into a new era, well aware of the difficult history they share.

  • Education's new front line

    Education isn't, as Socrates said, about filling vessels. It is about kindling a flame. The best school principals know that.

  • Why brand-new cities beckon

    As the world becomes more urban - and urban areas become more gridlocked -- 'insta-cities,' surge. 

  • The instant the world changed

    A new world was born 70 years ago out of the ashes of war. With it came many of today's world problems. With it also came a determination to make the world better.

  • Turning the page on a presidency

    A president's legacy is written in clay, not granite. One generation gives a thumbs up, the next a thumbs down. No presidency is every really over.

  • A revolution comes in layers

    The "energy crisis" hit like a locomotive in the 1970s. Today's "energy revolution" didn't happen suddenly. It grew out millions of innovations, processes, and decisions. 

  • Cities worth rebuilding

    New Orleans and all cities arise because people join together. When they are knocked down, that same spirit helps them rise again.

  • Small steps on a planetary concern

    Regardless of the ongoing debate on climate change, at the ground level people worldwide are taking steps to defend their lives and communities.

  • Making sense of the 'silly season'

    In the ongoing pre-primary, presidential hopefuls will do almost anything to stand out. It won't make much difference to voters on Nov. 8, 2016. 

  • Different worldviews, common aims

    Nations don't have to sing "Kumbaya" together. But even a chilly peace can make the world a better place.

  • Finding a shared humanity

    Travel with refugees on the underground railroad from Syria to Germany. You'll feel their courage, resourcefulness, and humanity. 

  • Why we need a summer read

    A summer read can be fun, compelling, intriguing, heartwarming. Every once in a while, a summer read can be life-changing.

  • Rebuilding the trust

    The unprecedented scrutiny police are under must lead to better law enforcement and better community relations.

  • A resource for prosperity and peace

    In the perennially parched Middle East, Israel's expertise at water management has potential far beyond Israel's borders.

  • Respect for a range of arrangements

    Staying single seems to be the preferred choice of many Millennials. But that doesn't mean marriage is a thing of the past.

  • In the middle -- and seeking an identity

    Eastern Europe has been free to choose its own destiny for only a quarter century. Little wonder that it is wary of the big powers on either side.

  • Making social media more social

    The Internet allows everyone to be a publisher. But just beyond your first "Hello, world" you'll encounter a world of reaction -- sometimes fun, often cruel.

  • What motivates barrier breakers?

    The young men and women who go through the US military's Ranger School aren't motivated by fame or fortune. They are motivated by values and causes that can't be publicized or monetized.

  • Behind a changing equation

    The US-Saudi relationship epitomizes the old maxim that nations don’t have permanent friends or enemies, only interests. 

  • What peace makes possible

    In the 70 years since the end of the war in Europe, the world has faced grave challenges. But it has also built a remarkable peace.

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