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  • The power, and peril, of networks

    The bigger and more inclusive a network grows, the more valuable -- and vulnerable -- it becomes. Which is why networkers must connect with care.

  • Getting charity right

    Giving is a thing of the heart. Giving in ways that don't lead to unintended consequences requires the head.

  • The back story of what we buy

    As consumers benefit from the ever expanding global market, ever greater vigilance is needed to ensure that products from far away are not the result of exploitation.

  • Looking at 2015 ... and at 2015

    There was plenty of bad news in 2015. But good news -- progress in almost every category of well-being -- vastly outweighed it.

  • Why we're all of one party

    The ideal is the voters swing from party to party in a contest of ideas. The current reality is that birds of a political feather flock together.

  • The call for a generous heart

    The narrative of violent jihad and civilizational conflict must be supplanted by one of tolerance and shared humanity.

February 5, 2016

Photos of the Day 02/05

A man rides a horse-drawn carriage on the frozen Cildir lake in Kars province, eastern Turkey, Friday.

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  • A middle-class state of mind

    Everyone agrees that a strong middle class is important. But being middle class is about more than economics.

  • How to get 'Big Aqua' right

    For an expanding global population, fish is the future of food. That's why sensitive, sustainable aquaculture practices are important.

  • Where new cooperation could lead

    The history of Iran and America is full of bitter memories on both sides. Could that ugly history ever give way to a sunnier view?

  • To separate, strengthen, and return

    Religious communities often swing back and forth -- opening their doors to the welcome the world, closing them to regain their original purpose.

  • Old neighbors. Can they be friends?

    The United States and Cuba are stepping carefully into a new era, well aware of the difficult history they share.

  • Education's new front line

    Education isn't, as Socrates said, about filling vessels. It is about kindling a flame. The best school principals know that.

  • Why brand-new cities beckon

    As the world becomes more urban - and urban areas become more gridlocked -- 'insta-cities,' surge. 

  • The instant the world changed

    A new world was born 70 years ago out of the ashes of war. With it came many of today's world problems. With it also came a determination to make the world better.

  • Turning the page on a presidency

    A president's legacy is written in clay, not granite. One generation gives a thumbs up, the next a thumbs down. No presidency is every really over.

  • A revolution comes in layers

    The "energy crisis" hit like a locomotive in the 1970s. Today's "energy revolution" didn't happen suddenly. It grew out millions of innovations, processes, and decisions. 


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