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  • The Monitor's View Are mortgage buyers smarter after housing collapse?

    A global survey of 15-year-olds show the US still has far to go to prepare the next generation to grasp complex financial products such as mortgages. To prevent another crisis like the one in 2008, young Americans need financial literacy.

  • The Monitor's View The BRICS's new aid bank

    At a summit next week, the five 'emerging economies' of Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa – BRICS – will launch their first project: a development bank. It can only work, however, if it runs on similar principles of the World Bank.

  • The Monitor's View Israel looks within

    The brutal revenge killing of an Israeli Arab boy pushes many Israelis to say that a moral malaise is one cause of such a hate crime. This collective introspection is both a model for others and a strength to Israel.

  • The Monitor's View High hopes for honesty in Indonesia

    The Indonesian presidential election brings a fresh leader with a record of clean governance, something this young Asian democracy has been struggling for.

  • The Monitor's View Why the chips are down for Internet gambling

    Three states jumped into online gaming last year with high hopes. But so far their take is very low. The inherent problems in this addictive form of gambling should give pause to other states and to Congress if they are tempted to follow suit.

  • The Monitor's View How to honor those on MH17

    The Ukraine conflict finally touched the world with the downing of Malaysian Airlines Flight 17. Now the world can honor the victims of MH17 by seeing such conflicts in a new light – as ones that need leaders with the humility to know they cannot always control the violence they unleash.

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July 23, 2014

Photos of the day 07/23

Visitors look at a giant puppet of a grandmother sleeping on a bed inside St George's Hall in Liverpool, northern England.

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