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  • Unsung heroes who rescue Syria’s refugees

    As peace talks falter and the war in Syria escalates, one good constant has been the compassionate welcome and rescue of refugees by common residents in neighboring states. Good examples can be found on Greek islands.

  • The year of living more honestly

    A global ranking of countries on corruption finds more are improving. Are people more demanding of honest governance? If so, they are taking different paths.

  • A calm lesson for the Zika scare from the Ebola crisis

    The 2014-15 Ebola outbreak taught health workers some lessons that can be used to stem Zika. First lesson: Fear of an epidemic should not be allowed to create an epidemic of fear.

  • Another model of Christian-Muslim harmony?

    Talks to reunify the Mediterranean island of Cyprus are looking up, perhaps adding a new voice to others in the region that Muslim-Christian coexistence is possible. That’s a key tool against Islamic State.

  • Making the world safe for anti-corruption whistle-blowers

    A Ukrainian official’s resignation over corruption prompts an unusually strong response from world bodies. The global campaign against official wrongdoing has made it easier for many people to stand up for honest governance.

  • Hong Kong’s lessons in coping with China

    A Feb. 8 riot and police crackdown in Hong Kong reveals the harsher hand of China but also a dilemma for the territory on how to deal with Beijing’s fear of dissent. The world must watch how Hong Kong decides.

  • Mercy for Myanmar's military?

    As she and her winning party prepare to run Parliament, Aung San Suu Kyi faces pressure from the military’s millions of victims for revenge. She wisely argues to allow the Army to reform.

  • Fixing both Flint and its water pipes

    The water-pollution tragedy in Flint deserves quick solutions but the city’s citizens, led by a new mayor, are also rightly looking at rebuilding the trust necessary to improve democratic governance.

  • Lessons for Syria from Colombia

    As it nears a historic peace deal to end a long civil war, Colombia’s leaders say the key was giving the victims of the conflict a seat at the table. It created a tender mutuality and compassion that eased the peace process.

  • Winning peace for minorities in Muslim lands

    Ending terrorist attacks on religious minorities will require more than weapons. Since 9/11, more scholars are challenging Muslims and others to embrace ideas that prevent religious violence.

  • Iowa’s eye-opener on what America’s youth seek

    Three of the four winners in the Iowa caucuses are anti-establishment politicians who drew strongly on under-35 voters. Will America’s future be defined by the youth vote in this presidential contest?

February 12, 2016

Photos of the day 02/12

Curtis Ray Jeffery II wears a pacifier with presidential candidate Donald Trump's image on it before a rally in Baton Rouge, La., Thursday night.

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