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  • The Monitor's View When children stand up to terror

    After the mass killing of children in Pakistan, students in India hold vigils or say prayers for the victims. Such cross-border empathy by children should not only change leaders in Pakistan and India but help global efforts against terrorism.

  • The Monitor's View How to fix police-black distrust

    Calls for reform of police after the killing of blacks in the US must include more ways to build trust and inclusiveness in cities. Worldwide, as more people live in cities, urban life needs constant work toward mutual dependence.

  • The Monitor's View Obama's Cuban invasion

    In opening official ties with Cuba, President Obama made sure to focus on the Cuban people more than the Castro regime. Globalization, such as the Internet, has empowered individuals, making governments less important to the forces of change.

  • The Monitor's View Taliban massacre of children: how Pakistan must now change

    The Taliban massacre of school children, meant to avenge a military offensive, has stirred political leaders to unite. Perhaps this will lead to firm civilian control of the military and put an end to leniency toward all types of armed groups outside state authority.

  • The Monitor's View A Middle East ripe for vision

    Despite its many woes, the region of 350 million people has enough potent possibilities to call for an overarching vision. Any prophets, however, may not arise among current leaders, but rather among the people.

December 18, 2014

Photos of the Day 12/18

A couple share a kiss as Russian conscripts, wearing military uniforms, bid farewell to acquaintances at a local railway station before their departure for their garrisons in Stavropol, southern Russia.

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