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  • Look to Lincoln to solve 'fiscal cliff'

    As the Spielberg movie 'Lincoln' and many books about Abraham Lincoln reveal, solving difficult standoffs in Washington takes more than savvy politics and horse-trading. Lincoln had to first turn to deeper ideals that then helped him win allies.

  • Making the world flat-out against corruption

    The latest ranking of perceived corruption among nations doesn't show much change. But other evidence points to a grassroots rebellion against graft in hopes of a culture of honesty.

  • Are Americans ready to deal with Syria's chemical weapons?

    On Monday, Obama strongly warned Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad not to use chemical weapons as rebels advance on Damascus. What is the national interest in threatening US action? Obama must sort out the moral purpose.

  • The holidays: extra shopping or extra kindness?

    Thanksgiving and Christmas are as far apart as they ever get. But instead of being a time for extra shopping how about a time for extra kindness?

  • An 'ethical vacuum' in Internet media?

    An official inquiry into the abuses of British newspapers calls for tougher regulation of journalist behavior. But it holds little hope for ethics in online media. This ignores the history of journalist ethics.

  • A parachute for Americans on their fiscal cliff

    The hard decisions in the fiscal cliff negotiations between the GOP and Democrats would be easier if lawmakers could point to other nations that have seen the benefits of fiscal discipline in lifting an economy.

  • US pivot to Mexico?

    A new leader of Mexico, Enrique Pena Nieto, takes office with enough hope of reform that it argues for the US to draw closer to its neighbor.

  • A case of Obamacare and religious liberty

    On Monday, the Supreme Court ordered a lower court to decide on a case involving a clash between religious liberty and Obamacare. Government must tread lightly in defining religion as a way to achieve universal health care and increase access to contraceptives.

  • Cyber Monday's sales success fits one Internet trend

    The more Internet phenomena like Cyber Monday shake up old ways, the more governments try to control the Internet. A meeting of global communications regulators in December will test such a government role.

  • Why the UN must respond to rebels splitting Congo

    Before rebels known as M23 split up Congo any further, the United Nations must help this giant African nation find a unifying identity. The same goes for Rwanda.

  • Makings of a real Thanksgiving? Hospitality to strangers.

    Opening one's home at Thanksgiving to those less fortunate evokes the spirit of that first feast of gratitude between Pilgrims and Indians – a shared table of different peoples.

  • A path to peace in Israel-Gaza conflict

    The new Arab democracies such as Egypt present a different dynamic to help resolve Israeli-Palestinian conflicts, such as the current violence over Gaza. New models for peaceful mediation are needed.

  • Pentagon can recover from Petraeus and Allen scandals

    The Petraeus affair and the 'inappropriate' e-mails of Gen. John Allen push defense chief Leon Panetta to demand changes in the military's ethical culture. But conduct by the book also needs conduct by a conscience that knows right from wrong.

  • China's new leaders can't rule by pedigree

    Xi Jinping, the new leader of the Communist Party, takes power along with others as descendants of Mao's revolutionary elite. But China needs rulers open to change, not those who cling to hereditary privilege.

  • A model leader for Syria?

    A moderate Muslim preacher who suffered as a freedom fighter in Syria has been chosen as opposition leader to Assad. Now, Moaz al-Khatib must unite a people torn by civil war and religion.

  • 'Petraeus scandal' as a mirror on marriage

    As the 'Petraeus scandal' widens with probes and politics, it should also throw a spotlight on the state of marriage.

  • Election winners and losers

    Americans voted in large numbers. But voters need to be better served at the polls. Meanwhile, Republicans must pause to reflect.

  • Look outward, Obama

    The president’s domestic agenda may consist of making compromises with Republicans. But overseas he is freer to act. And there’s much that needs his attention.

  • After Obama victory: Come together, right now

    President Obama and Republicans need to work together, weather criticism from their bases, and make a tough, fair, and necessary deal to avoid the ‘fiscal cliff.’

  • China’s backroom politics

    While US presidential candidates openly campaigned to win votes, China’s new leaders were chosen in secret by a shadowy elite.

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