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Today's Monitor: Obama in Europe, North Korea sanctions, Sotomayor and the Senate

By Tracey Samuelson / June 5, 2009

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In world news:

• Correspondent Simon Montlake questions the fate of Sri Lanka's Tamil minorities after the defeat of the Tamil Tigers rebel group. What about their fight for a Tamil homeland?

• In his speech from Cairo University yesterday, President Obama said one nation should not impose a system of government on others. But what does this mean for US foreign policy?

• Correspondent Mark Rice-Oxley reports on early voting for the European Parliament in Britain. With two nations and 375 million voters, the Euro-elections are one of the largest in the world, second only to India’s. But this year’s elections more closely resemble midterm elections, giving voters a chance to let their national governments know what they think of them.

• As Prime Minister Vladimir Putin tamps down a worker revolt over wages and a dire economic picture, correspondent Fred Weir wonders if Putin has opened a Pandora’s box by raising the expectations of disgruntled workers across Russia.

• Coinciding with President Obama’s second trip to Germany, correspondent Isabelle de Pommereau examines the symbolism and meaning of post-World War II Dresden.

• Teachermate, a hand-held computer gadget that Chicago schools implemented last year to help elementary school kids grasp basic learning skills, is going global with the help of a Stanford professor. As part of the school’s ongoing effort to bring high-tech learning to the world’s poorest, Teachermate will find a home in several developing countries. Can it make a difference?

Correspondent Donald Kirk reports on the fate of the two American journalists detained in North Korea. Meanwhile, the United Nations is poised to impose sanctions on North Korea.

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