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Letters to the Editor

Readers write about the challenge North Korea poses for China and the US, what Congress can learn from Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, and an accused Nazi guard.

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It's time to take a stand. The president needs to keep his commitment to efficient government forefront in doing the business of the people that elected him. As long as he does this, he can count on their support, and Congress will get on board. We citizens must make sure they do. This is not a Democratic or Republican issue; members of both parties and independents can find principled reasons to support this change.

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Art Sullivan
Westerville, Ohio

It was interesting to note that the reporter covering the story of Robert Gates cutting the military budget chose to get the opinion of a representative of a "peace group" in Washington.

Perhaps he might also have asked some of our military men and women what they thought about the recent North Korean missile launch and our ability to knock down such missiles. If I remember correctly, our defenses worked just fine against such missiles in the last several tests.

John Carson
Clarksburg, N.J.

For justice, extenuating factors must be taken into account

Regarding the April 6 article, "Accused Nazi guard faces deportation to Germany": The fact that John Demjanjuk has already served seven years in an Israeli prison for his alleged war crimes should be a strong extenuating factor in deciding his sentence, if he is also convicted of war crimes in Germany.

As I recall, he is almost 90 years of age, and has not been in good enough health to stand trial until now. Is there a possibility that his trial could be modeled after Desmond Tutu's and Nelson Mandela's public humiliation of accused criminals from South Africa's apartheid government? To me, that was most effective justice – even more effective than physical punishment and confinement.

Henry Rutledge
Fair Oaks, Calif.

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