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  • Nelson Mandela at the Monitor: A memorable visitor on a quiet Sunday

    Five months after his release from his 27 years in prison, Nelson Mandela visited Boston, and on a Sunday morning he dropped in on the reporters and editors of The Christian Science Monitor.

  • The Monitor's View Mandela's gift of grace

    By finding his freedom in grace and dignity, he was able to help bring freedom to all South Africans.

  • Opinion Nelson Mandela: prisoner, president...gardener?

    Nelson Mandela and his extraordinary life will enrich the great moral debates on war and peace for generations to come. For the moment, however, at the news of his death, I am thinking about tomatoes – in my garden in South Africa and in Mandela's prison garden.

  • The Monitor's View After the UN quells the Central African Republic

    With the United Nations Security Council approval of a French-African Union force in the chaotic Central African Republic, the next step should be restoring Christian-Muslim harmony, village by village.

  • Readers Write: Threats to a new Detroit; How to help 'English Language Learners'

    Letters to the Editor for the December 2, 2013 weekly magazine:Detroit citizens can't look to government for 'all of the answers,' but they should look at government, to ensure the city avoids the mismanagement that fed its bankruptcy.Beginning ELLs will neither acquire English nor learn subject matter if they are placed in regular classes right away. Evidence supports LA's plan to separate them initially.

  • Budget negotiators take heed: The art of the deal, according to Reagan and Tip O'Neill

    This history of bipartisan compromise between President Reagan and then-House Speaker Tip O'Neill couldn't be more relevant today. A message to Patty Murray and Paul Ryan as they forge a budget deal: the beauty of compromise is that its worst aspects can be blamed on the other party.

  • The Monitor's View China's tech innovators must 'breathe free'

    In his visit to China, Vice President Joe Biden spoke of a need for people to 'breathe free' to achieve innovation in science and technology. China's hopes for 'independent' innovation rest on allowing such freedom.

  • Opinion Iran deal validates nuclear blackmail and hurts Israeli-Palestinian peace process

    The six-month deal with Iran gives the regime in Tehran exactly what it wants, thanks to nuclear blackmail, and reflects a blurred distinction between allies and foes in the region. Moreover, now the US has little moral authority to pressure Israel on an agreement with the Palestinians.

  • The Monitor's View How Ukraine can someday join the EU

    Peaceful protests by Ukrainians in favor of a pact with the European Union reveal the brutal Soviet-style tactics of the regime. The EU must stand firm for democratic values.

  • The Monitor's View Before the shopping drone arrives

    Buying things is becoming faster and easier thanks to the Internet. But wise shopping is still a human art.

  • The trend is your friend

    News trends seldom seize attention through shock and awe. But while some trends are little more that fluff, others -- such as the quiet improvement in economic and civil security in Latin America -- recognize significant shifts well worth knowing.

  • Opinion Thanksgiving Day Proclamation 2013 from President Obama

    The Thanksgiving 'tradition reminds us that no matter what our background or our core we are first and foremost Americans....This Thanksgiving Day, let us lift each other up and recognize, in the oldest spirit of this tradition, that we rise or fall as one Nation, under God.'

  • The Monitor's View Here's a conversation starter for Thanksgiving

    A campaign called Giving Tuesday rolls into its second successful year to curb the commercialism of the Thanksgiving holiday season with a day of generosity. It would make Ben Franklin smile.

  • The Monitor's View China reforms can't stop at water's edge

    The Chinese military's provocative moves on Japan-controlled islands do not match the spirit of reform in the Communist Party's recent plenum. Wiser heads in China need to ensure the country's peaceful rise as a power.

  • Opinion Why Netanyahu is wrong about Iran nuclear deal

    Israel's Benjamin Netanyahu warns that the nuclear deal with Iran increases Iran’s chances of building nuclear weapons. He’s exactly wrong: With this deal in place, it will be much harder for Iranian hardliners to make the case that Iran should tear up its agreements and build a bomb.

  • The real social network: kindness

    Humanity's age-old social network, which we benefit from and which we extend to others, is fueled by kindness. Researchers now believe that kindness is a powerful, self-reinforcing force.

  • Spy world: The cost of digging too deep

    Spying has a long a colorful history. It has been amped up to extraordinary levels today by the National Security Agency and other super-secret operations. But there's a price for all that capability.

  • Warriors with lasting legacies

    They were soldiers once and young. Now they have gray in their hair and are returning to Vietnam to help that country -- and themselves.

  • Opinion Iran nuclear deal: Just a piece of paper for now

    World powers have reached a historic six-month nuclear with Iran, but not everyone is cheering. Just as the 'anti-deal' crowd is wrong to burn diplomacy in the womb, so too is the 'pro-deal' crowd wrong to crow with gleeful triumphalism. The only sensible reaction: hopeful but healthy scrutiny.

  • Readers Write: Fracking threatens public safety; Industry can't be trusted

    Letters to the Editor for the November 25, 2013 weekly magazine: Fractured shale provides minimal filtration, so contaminants can travel more easily and quickly. Putting chemicals in water and shooting it into the ground isn't a good idea.Some make the case that government is doing a good job regulating the oil and gas industry on fracking. If companies really were trustworthy, they would have been self-regulating.

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