Top 10 growing professions: Why are they so boring?

A look at Top 10 professions with the most growth potential.

Why are all the great jobs so boring?

It turns out the glamorous careers you might have wanted as an 8-year-old – pilot, gymnast, videogame designer, environmental scientist – are chump-change professions. You really should be finding the inner you in telecommunications network engineering.

That's right. It has the best growth potential of all the professions, according to a ranking released last week by

Sure, maybe it wasn't much fun maintaining power grids and communication systems in the old days for the likes of AT&T and Time Warner Cable. But now the profession is exploding, CNNMoney reports, because telecommunications network engineers can do the same thing for a whole bunch of Wi-Fi, broadband, and other companies.

It's closely followed by No. 2 systems engineering (which is, broadly speaking, doing the same thing for other companies without all the colored wires).

Does Little Suzy want to become a fashion designer? Tell her to ditch it for personal financial advising (No. 3), where she can tailor retirement plans to her heart's content.

Does Johnny want to be a doctor? Set his bar higher with a position as veterinarian (No. 4), physical therapist (No. 8), or physician assistant (No. 9).

A career on Wall Street is out, obviously. Really, really out. But senior financial analyst (No. 5) and information-technology business analyst (No. 6) are in. Videogame designer is passé compared with software development director (No. 7) and computer/network security consultant (No. 10).

Your future is crackling with these exciting opportunities. OK, not-so-exciting opportunities. Things could be worse. You could be a journalist.
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