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  • Bigger, cleaner, and more efficient: a carbon corporate tax swap

    US could reduce its contribution to global climate change by taxing emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gasses and use the resulting revenue to reduce corporate income taxes. This carbon-corporate tax swap would make our economy bigger, cleaner, and more efficient. 

  • How can states fix $1 trillion in underfunded pensions?

    State governments face at least a $1 trillion gap between pensions promised to their employees and retirees and the funds set aside to cover these liabilities. There are ways out of the pension pickle, but none of them are easy. 

  • How did medical device makers become poster children for Obamacare critics?

    A year later, the Affordable Care Act's tax on medical devices is back under scrutiny. If Republicans can line up a significant number of Democrats to vote in favor of repealing the tax next year, they get an easy win and make the case that there is bipartisan opposition to the ACA. 

  • Will Obama's immigration action kill tax reform? No.

    A popular Washington narrative is that President Obama will kill prospects for tax reform in 2015 if he grants legal status to undocumented immigrants. But even if Obama does nothing on this issue, the political headwinds against a tax code rewrite were already too strong. 

  • Now is the perfect time to raise gas taxes

    Congress needs to finance highway and transit projects but can’t agree on how. The traditional revenue source is the gas tax. Gas prices are at their lowest levels in years and dropping. Consumers would barely notice if they had to pay a bit more now at the pump. But a gas tax hike won't happen. 

November 26, 2014

Photos of the day 11/26

US President Barack Obama and his daughters, Sasha (c.), and Malia (r.), participate in the annual turkey pardoning ceremony marking the 67th presentation of the National Thanksgiving Turkey while in the White House in Washington.

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