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  • The 10 worst tax ideas for 2014

    The past 12 months were a banner year for bad ideas and their perpetrators. We've picked out the worst top 10 ideas and hope history won't repeat itself for 2015. 

  • Will Obama's immigration action kill tax reform? No.

    A popular Washington narrative is that President Obama will kill prospects for tax reform in 2015 if he grants legal status to undocumented immigrants. But even if Obama does nothing on this issue, the political headwinds against a tax code rewrite were already too strong. 

  • Now is the perfect time to raise gas taxes

    Congress needs to finance highway and transit projects but can’t agree on how. The traditional revenue source is the gas tax. Gas prices are at their lowest levels in years and dropping. Consumers would barely notice if they had to pay a bit more now at the pump. But a gas tax hike won't happen. 

  • Voters hate gas taxes, and that's bad news for states

    On Election Day, voters proved once again that increasing the gas tax is a political loser. And that’s a problem.

  • Will immigrants get a tax windfall from refundable credits?

    Lawmakers scuttled an effort to permanently extend a number of tax breaks—largely because many feared it would open the door to widespread use of refundable tax credits by undocumented immigrants covered by President Obama’s recent executive order. Is their concern justified?

  • Can Congress get more last minute deals done before the holidays?

    Congress yesterday announced a $1.01 trillion deal but still will need a short-term extension to prevent a government shut-down. Meanwhile, congressional negotiators scramble to wrap up several policy disputes, approve or pass other bills, budget cuts, and more before the holidays. 

  • Can the House compromise on a $1.1 trillion spending bill?

    The House is scheduled to vote tomorrow on a $1.1 trillion spending bill expected to be released today. Meanwhile, the IRS oversight report is out and the Congress is about to pass the compromise spending bill. 

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