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  • Rubio-Lee hints at tax reform's troubling direction

    Republican Senators Marco Rubio and Mike Lee have introduced what should probably be thought of as the first major set of tax proposals in the 2016 Presidential election season. While their proposals are unlikely to be enacted, they hint at the troubling direction that tax reform debates seem to be headed.

  • States want to cut taxes on pensions, proving bad ideas never die

    Retirement income free of state taxes continues to seduce politicians, despite threadbare evidence that it would serve to lure seniors to their states. The idea of excluding pension income from state tax is misguided, but it's hardly new.

  • Rubio-Lee tax reform plan would add trillions to the debt

    The tax reform plan from Marco Rubio and Mike Lee is filled with a lot of interesting and credible ideas, but the specifics would add trillions to the nation's debt over the next decade. 

  • What if we funded public school like Obamacare?

    A public school system funded the same way we pay for the ACA's exchanged-based insurance would drastically reduce direct spending for public schools and the taxes without directly affecting educational resources. But it would make life much more complicated for taxpayers and tax administrators.  

March 26, 2015

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  • Obama would end tax breaks for college sports. Good for him.

    President Obama's FY16 budget proposal would cut federal subsidies for premium seats at college sporting events. Federal subsidies ought to provide national benefits and there’s no evidence that boosting attendance in high-priced court-side or skybox seats does that.

  • What would a Jeb Bush presidency mean for taxes?

    Jeb Bush gave a speech this week that exposed some interesting internal conflicts in the former Florida governor’s campaign platform. On one hand, Bush called for government to help working class families. On the other, he demanded that government stay out of the way and let markets grow the economy.

  • State and local budgets still reeling from the Great Recession

    The latest Census of Governments shows us a lot about just how hard local governments were pounded by the Great Recession. It describes a powerful double-whammy: Local governments not only suffered deep declines in their own tax revenues but they also faced steep cuts in state aid. 

  • Taxes dispute: Are accrued capital gains income the year you die?

    When it comes to capital gains taxes, policymakers and experts disagree on what actually counts as income. The dispute centers on the President’s proposal to tax accrued, but unrealized, capital gains at death. 

  • Digging deeper into Obama's 'middle class economics' plan

    Obama's tax cuts primarily benefit low-income single workers and families with children. Households with very high incomes and substantial capital assets would pay more. His plans would have a modest effect on middle class Americans. 

  • Is Obama closing tax loopholes or just curbing Congress' generosity?

    President Obama will propose to strip away the 'loopholes' that permit wealthy individuals to accumulate large amounts in tax-favored retirement plans in his upcoming budget. But big retirement accounts are more a product of Congress' generosity on the matter, not loopholes. 

  • Max Scherzer: Did tax breaks seal the deal for Nationals ace?

    Washington Nationals pitcher Max Scherzer will avoid state income taxes on most game paychecks – tax savings that could amount to millions of dollars. How much do tax considerations affect where coveted sports free agents like Scherzer decide to play? 

  • Obama would improve tax subsidies for higher education

    Obama's ideas for educational tax reform are controversial, but they’d do a better job helping households who most need education assistance than the current complex array of programs.

  • How Obama would cut childcare costs

    President Obama has proposed important changes for child care costs that could allow families of young children to save thousands. But some families, especially those with just one older child, could wind up paying more. 

  • Retirement security a priority for the Obama administration in 2015

    President Obama proposed that his administration would make retirement security a priority that would increase the ability of part-time workers to join their employer’s plan and improve tax incentives for businesses.