Business Saving Money

  • The best ways to invest $5,000

    Building up $5,000 to invest isn’t easy — no matter how you did it, the process likely involved a fair amount of penny pinching and going without. So here’s the good news: investing that money is fairly easy.

  • The best international roaming cell phone plans

    International roaming rates are nothing to mess around with, so it’s important to know what you’re on the hook for before you travel abroad. We’ve surveyed the mobile landscape and picked out the carriers and plans that are most friendly to frequent out-of-country travelers.

  • Four questions to ask before starting a franchise

    Opening a franchise is a tempting approach to entrepreneurship. You get a playbook and an established brand, and the franchising opportunities appear virtually endless. But it’s not all froyo and free lunches. Before you sign any franchise agreement, ask yourself these four questions.

May 25, 2016

Photos of the day 05/25

Singer-songwriter Paula Abdul shoots a video in the briefing room of the White House in Washington on Wednesday to promote the White House Turnaround Arts program.

More Saving Money
  • Something borrowed: does a personal loan work to pay for a wedding?

    Many couples use credit cards to help pay for a wedding, but some take out wedding loans —  unsecured personal loans whose interest rate is based on the creditworthiness of one or both spouses-to-be. Using a loan can make budgeting, and paying, for a wedding easier, but whether using one is right depends on your financial situation.

  • Graduation gifts for every kind of 2016 graduate

    Graduation season is upon us, and with it comes the challenge of finding the perfect gift for the high school senior, brand-new college graduate, or freshly-certified Krav Maga instructor in your life. Worry not, because we're here with a suggestion for everyone on your list!

  • Navigating the Alternative Minimum Tax

    The AMT is an alternative method of calculating federal income tax that runs parallel to the ordinary method. Certain circumstances trigger the AMT, and knowing what to watch for can help you plan how to manage your tax burden.

  • 10 essential tips for first-time homebuyers

    You're tired of renting, you've got some cash saved up, and you've made up your mind: it's time for you to become a homeowner. But where do you go from here? The process of buying your first house doesn't need to be overwhelming if you know what to do next.

  • How a new picture of corporate shareholders may turn the tax debate upside down

    New research indicates that only about one-quarter of corporate stock is held by tax-paying investors—about half of what experts generally thought. These findings may undermine the argument that U.S. firms pay too much in corporate taxes on their profits.

  • What to expect from 2016 Memorial Day sales

    It's one of the greatest holiday weekends to shop, especially if you're in the market for clothes, home goods, or a new mattress.

  • Everything you need to know about online coupon codes

    Promo codes can score you percentages off your purchase, free shipping, or flat discounts. But finding them and using them successfully can be hard.

  • Should you 'restart' your 30-year mortgage when you refinance?

    When it comes to refinancing your mortgage, is it better to pick up where you left off or restart the process?

  • 12 money rules to live by

    Even though every financial situation is different, there are still some common guidelines that everyone should follow, whether it's for buying a car or saving for college.

  • How to travel Alaska for less

    Alaska, our 50th state, has a reputation for being an expensive vacation spot, but if you can make it up there, the beauty of your surroundings is well worth the trip.


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