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  • Five road trips to take while gas is dirt cheap

    With gas prices near or below $2 per gallon, now is the perfect time to take a road trip. We've picked five hot road trip destinations for you and calculated how much a round trip car ride would be from seven of the country's biggest cities. 

  • International travel just became cheaper

    The US dollar's exchange rates with international currencies have improved in the last eight months. This means food, transportation costs, and other expenses will cost you less when visiting some popular destinations across the globe. 

  • Best tablet deals: Windows and Android slates from $77

    If you're looking for cheap, mid-sized tablets for entertainment or work, you'll want to check out this list of five great tablet deals. You can save $30 on the full-HD Dell Venue 8, grab a Toshiba Encore Mini for just $79, or bag a Lenovo IdeaTab S6000 at $81 off.

  • Pandora One vs. Spotify Premium: Which music streaming service is a better deal?

    Pandora and Spotify are both music streaming services, but that's about where their similarities end. Whether you’ll prefer Pandora or Spotify depends on whether you want to discover new music or listen to old favorites, and on which service has the artists you want. 

  • Feds: TracFone ‘Unlimited Data’ was not unlimited

    TracFone must pay $40 million back to customers after advertising unlimited-data plans that actually cut off or throttled service after a set amount of data was used, according to the FTC. TracFone agreed to the multimillion-dollar settlement of charges that it had “deceived' millions of consumers.

  • Google Fiber expands. Is it coming to your city?

    Google Fiber, the high-speed Internet service that purportedly lets users download a movie in less than a minute, is coming to 18 new cities in four metro areas in the Southeast, the company said Tuesday. Is your city Google Fiber-ready? 

  • Winter storm is over, but it's causing shipping delays

    The winter storm that gripped the Northeastern United States this week has largely passed, but in its wake are major shipping delays that will affect all parts of the country. Here's what to expect from the postal service, FedEx, and UPS. 

  • Uber to offer 'per mile' insurance for drivers. Enough coverage?

    Uber is teaming with Metromile, which offers pay-per-mile insurance usually marketed to people who don’t drive long distances. Uber drivers plug in a Metromile tracking device when they accept a trip, letting the insurer distinguish between miles drivers travel on calls and their personal travel.

  • Blizzard grips the East Coast: Five power gadgets to ride out the storm

    With heavy snowfall and extended power outages predicted in places like New York and Boston, staying plugged in and connected will become a challenge. To help keep you connected when the lights go out, have these essential tools handy. 

  • Apple replaces 'Single of the Week' with 'Free on iTunes'

    Apple just launched a new section in its digital storefront titled 'Free on iTunes.'  Although the company hasn't officially promoted this as its 'Single of the Week' replacement, it's still a move in the right direction for cash-strapped consumers.

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