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  • Opinion: Donald Trump is what's wrong with American bankruptcy laws

    The bankruptcy laws were originally attended to assist people who cannot pay their debts. More recent bankruptcy laws have been shaped and utilized by large corporations and wealthy political benefactors, like Donald Trump. 

  • Opinion: Why we must end upward pre-distrubtions to the rich

    The most important political competition over the next decades will not be between the right and left, or between Republicans and Democrats. It will be between a majority of Americans who have been losing ground, and an economic elite that refuses to recognize or respond to its growing distress. 

  • Why big tech may be getting too big

    Americans are in a false debate over free market vs government. The true discussion should be over who has more say in how the market is run – large corporation or government. America is in a new gilded age.

  • What makes a leader?

    In this presidential race, leaders and demagogues from both sides of the political spectrum can be seen. It's important to support the leaders who hope to build bridges and distance ourselves from the leaders who seeks to exploit fear. 

  • Opinion: The case for a $15 minimum wage is a moral one

    $15 might put us in unchartered fiscal waters, but there is a moral argument for increasing the minimum wage. 

  • Four myths about immigrants

    Immigration is a hot topic at the moment and, in the US, presidential candidates are increasingly talking about the issue. Here are four myths that have been thrown out against immigration. 

  • Opinion: Three reasons Republican deficit hawks are wrong

    Deficit hawks are in the midst of spinning out scare tactics to gain support for a government shutdown in exchange for budget cuts. Here are three reasons why we need the deficit ceiling to be raised and more people working. 

November 28, 2015

Photos of the weekend

Brides-to-be participate in the 'Running of the Brides' race in a park in Bangkok, Thailand, Saturday. A hundred husbands and wives-to-be competed in the event for a combined prize worth 1 million Thai baht ($27,928), according to the organizers.

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