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Top 10 best value private colleges in America

- Elizabeth FullerCorrespondent

Leide Cabral, who immigrated to the United States from Cape Verde when she was 4 years old, started as a freshman at Hamilton College in 2006 with a four-year scholarship. 'I wanted to go [to college],' said Ms. Cabral, 'but I didn't know how that was going to happen.' (Kate Moser / The Christian Science Monitor / File)

#9 – Hamilton College, Clinton, N.Y.

Hamilton's sticker price is $53,060, but financial aid takes care of two-thirds of that, leaving a net annual cost of about $17,500. The average debt for a graduating Hamilton student is about $19,500. The college was named after Founding Father Alexander Hamilton, who served on the board of trustees but never set foot on the campus.