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The world's next boom cities

In an age of global commerce and culture, boom cities include Shanghai, China, and Mumbai as well as Istanbul, Turkey, and São Paulo, Brazil.

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Continental European cities, including Paris, struggle to compete with London’s clout in economics and other spheres. But this may not matter. As Mr. Smith and others point out, the future of cities like Berlin and Amsterdam lies largely in the individual identities they carve out in their own countries and the rest of Europe.

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An exception may be on Europe’s periphery, where Istanbul, Turkey, could emerge as the continent’s second global city after London. This stems from its role as a bridge between competing power blocs, including the West and the Muslim world. Straddling two continents and home to nearly 13 million people, the Turkish metropolis has become a nexus for servicing and shaping the rapid growth in the energy-rich former Soviet republics.

Conspicuously absent from the list of rising global power centers are other traditional urban centers that will do just fine because of their “livability” – including Vienna; Zurich, Switzerland; and Vancouver, British Columbia.

US cities:

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2. Fort Collins, Colo., builds on clean tech

3. Houston aims to move beyond the oil age

4. Huntsville eyes next launchpad for growth

5. A Seattle slew of advantages

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