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Michele Bachmann shares her life story with voters in 'Core of Conviction'

Michele Bachmann's campaign autobiography tells of a youthful world view shaped by an antipathy to Jimmy Carter and a reverence for Ronald Regan.

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For example, it reveals the impact of her parents' divorce when Bachmann was in ninth grade. To make ends meet, she helped her mother by working extra jobs.

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“I took every babysitting job I could get, because by ninth grade, I was growing conscious of my appearance,” she writes. “…If I wanted pretty dresses, I had to buy them, because mom couldn't afford them for me; she couldn't afford lunch money.”

She also shared details about a “devastating” miscarriage she had decades ago that took an emotional toll on the young Bachmann and shaped her anti-abortion convictions. In the book, she says she was distraught for weeks over losing the three-month-old fetus. “We were completely unprepared for this news, it was devastating,” she writes.

Of course, Bachmann spends plenty of time on politics, starting with how her own political convictions were formed. “It was in the perilous fires of the Carter administration that my ideology was forged,” she writes, taking a Republican-pleasing swipe at President Jimmy Carter followed with even more Republican-pleasing praise for President Ronald Reagan. “In the seventies, Carter taught me what I was against, and then in the eighties, Reagan taught me what I was for,” Bachmann writes. (She mentions Reagan by name 37 times in the book, reports Politico, compared with 49 for President Barack Obama, topped only with “Obamacare,” which received 51 mentions.)

Perhaps most of all, the book explains why Bachmann is running. She accuses Obama’s “gangster government” of ignoring public opinion and the Constitution and says she plans to build a coalition of soccer moms, Hispanics, blacks, and Asians to win in the primaries, as USNews reports.

She pledges to champion a fiscally- and socially-conservative agenda and to stay true to her Tea Party roots.

"I will drive a freedom and prosperity train from all parts of the nation to Washington," she declares.

With this book, she’s hoping you heard her honk.

Husna Haq is a Monitor correspondent.

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