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  • My Father's Tears

    This final collection of short stories from John Updike makes a fitting coda to his career.

  • Shanghai Girls

    A pair of Chinese sisters battle their way through the Japanese occupation of Shanghai and on to America.

  • The Shadow of Sirius

    W.S. Merwin’s Pulitzer Prize-winning poetry collection challenges our concept of reality.

  • Beaumarchais

    The life of playwright and entrepreneur Beaumarchais offers a window into the transformation that brought France to revolution.

  • Impeached

    A second look at the tangled tale of America’s first impeachment trial.

  • Coop

    A gentleman farmer and writer savors the rhythms of life on the land.

  • Classic review: The People's Tycoon

    Henry Ford was the very image of the America of his day: idealistic and far too self-assured.

  • Masters and Commanders

    How constant behind-the-scenes bickering helped Britain and America win World War II.

  • Censoring an Iranian Love Story

    More than a love story, this novel serves as a meditation on culture, modern Iran, and the power of what is left out.

  • Nature's Great Events

    This sumptuous companion book to a BBC series examines our planet and its wild inhabitants.

  • The Protest Singer

    A slim new biography celebrates the life of icon and activist Pete Seeger.

  • The Media Relations Department of Hizbollah Wishes You a Happy Birthday

    Foreign correspondent Neil MacFarquhar serves up a memoir that is part-journalistic account, part-foreign-policy primer on the Middle East.

  • Woodsburner

    How Thoreau set the Concord woods on fire.

  • Classic review: In the Country of Men

    For 9-year-old Suleiman, childhood in Tripoli means a disappearing dad and a mom who tells stories that burn his young ears.

  • Road Dogs

    Once again Elmore Leonard revs the plot, dials up the banter, and produces a novel you’ve got to stay up all night to finish.

  • Tea Time for the Traditionally Built

    Africa’s No. 1 female detective probes the mysteries of the human heart.

  • Stonepicker and The Book of Mirrors

    Her latest collection of poetry proves Frieda Hughes to be a writer capable of standing on her own.

  • Gabriel García Márquez: A Life

    Gerald Martin’s comprehensive biography of Gabriel García Márquez is so complete that we may never need another.

  • Fingerprints of God

    NPR reporter Barbara Bradley Hagerty uses journalism’s tools to explore the intersection of spirituality and science.

  • Vanessa and Virginia

    A novelist imagines her way into the heart of the relationship between sisters, rivals, and artistic collaborators Virginia Woolf and Vanessa Bell.