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  • Life List

    One woman’s quest to see as many of the world’s birds as possible.

  • This Is Water

    David Foster Wallace on the difficulty – and importance – of living 'consciously, adultly, day in and day out.'

  • Columbine

    A decade after the Columbine school shootings, a journalist shines a light into the dark corners of the case.

  • Classic review: Ireland

    A history of Ireland by the people who know it best - the storytellers.

  • The Third Reich at War

    This history of World War II from a German perspective is a superb study of a society at war.

  • The Weight of Heaven

    Devastated by the loss of their child, an American couple try to rebuild their lives in India.

  • Plain, Honest Men

    An engrossing account of the men who met in Philadelphia in 1787 to design a radically new form of government.

  • The Triangular Road

    In this nontraditional memoir, novelist Paule Marshall explores the rich material that fueled her five decades of work.

  • A Saint on Death Row

    The life story of a young man who transformed himself – and others – during his 11 years in prison.

  • Power Rules

    Longtime Washington inside Leslie H. Gelb prescribes common sense as the antidote to US foreign policy blunders.

  • Classic review: The Armchair Book of Baseball

    Let the games begin!

  • Nine Lives: Death and Life in New Orleans

    New Yorker reporter Dan Baum offers a vivid portrait of New Orleans from hurricane Betsy up through Katrina.

  • Yogi: The Life and Times of an American Original

    A warts-and-all biography of one of baseball’s living legends.

  • All the Living

    A young woman on a lonely farm struggles with competing desires for love and freedom in this thoughtful debut novel.

  • Imagining India

    Is India ready for global leadership?

  • The Unlikely Disciple

    An Ivy Leaguer spends a semester undercover at a fundamentalist Christian university – and is surprised by what he discovers.

  • A Jury of Her Peers

    Elaine Showalter’s absorbing tour of the American women writers’ pantheon.

  • Classic book review: A Bright Shining Lie

    The lies one man told himself about the Vietnam War.

  • Figures in Silk

    Two sisters discover passion during the War of the Roses.

  • The Reliable Wife

    This debut novel sets an old-fashioned Gothic tale amid the ‘eternal snow’ of Wisconsin.