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  • Classic book review: Possession

    This improbably buoyant novel combines Shakespearean romance, suspense, satire, and a pastiche of styles.

  • The Associate

    Once again, a Grisham protagonist finds himself caught up in the machinations of a corrupt law firm.

  • Pictures at an Exhibition

    A Parisian art dealer’s son and a young Louvre curator hunt for what the Nazis looted.

  • Wildwood: A Journey Through Trees

    Nature writer Roger Deakin considers wood as a vital element of life.

  • Best African American Essays: 2009

    A nonfiction collection examines African-American concerns in the Obama era.

  • A Comrade Lost and Found

    Journalist Jan Wong chases through modern China in pursuit of a comrade whose life she may have ruined in the Maoist era.

  • Scat

    A Florida class trip turns into a quest to save a panther and her cub.

  • Classic book review: Mark Twain: A Life

    Like his young country, Mark Twain was rough, raw, and wholly original.

  • The Women

    T.C. Boyle's latest novel is a wild and improvisational examination of Frank Lloyd Wright and the women he loved.

  • The Music Teacher

    A violinist with a stalled career tries to teach a gifted, troubled teen.

  • Two Lincoln books for young readers

    Two books for young readers explore Lincoln as a family man.

  • Angels and Ages

    Born on the same day, Lincoln and Darwin shared an eloquence that changed the world.

  • Six more books on Lincoln

    Of the 60-plus Lincoln books released this season, several stand out.

  • A. Lincoln

    Biographer Ronald C. White traces the spiritual and intellectual evolution of Abraham Lincoln.

  • Classic book review: Coraline

    Neil Gaiman's instant classic follows young Coraline into the ideal family living right next door.

  • Fool

    A wickedly funny retelling of King Lear and his court in a make-believe England.

  • Asta in the Wings

    A 7-year-old narrator with an unforgettable voice carries this debut novel.

  • Hands of My Father

    A poignant retelling of how it felt to grow up as ‘ears’ for deaf parents.

  • Food Matters

    Mark Bitttman urges us to eat as if it matters.

  • Darwin's Sacred Cause

    The evolutionist wanted his theory to prove slavery wrong.