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  • Road Dogs

    Once again Elmore Leonard revs the plot, dials up the banter, and produces a novel you’ve got to stay up all night to finish.

  • Tea Time for the Traditionally Built

    Africa’s No. 1 female detective probes the mysteries of the human heart.

  • Stonepicker and The Book of Mirrors

    Her latest collection of poetry proves Frieda Hughes to be a writer capable of standing on her own.

  • Gabriel García Márquez: A Life

    Gerald Martin’s comprehensive biography of Gabriel García Márquez is so complete that we may never need another.

  • Fingerprints of God

    NPR reporter Barbara Bradley Hagerty uses journalism’s tools to explore the intersection of spirituality and science.

  • Vanessa and Virginia

    A novelist imagines her way into the heart of the relationship between sisters, rivals, and artistic collaborators Virginia Woolf and Vanessa Bell.

  • Classic review: I Should Be Extremely Happy In Your Company

    Lewis and Clark discovered new lands and peoples, but their greatest challenges led inward.

  • Paul Newman: A Life

    A nonprurient, endearing portrait of one of America’s most beloved actors.

  • Sunnyside

    An ambitious, intelligent, overstuffed novel about three years in the life of Charlie Chaplin

  • The Match King

    A biography of Ivar Kreuger – audacious con man and the Bernard Madoff of his era.

  • A Homemade Life

    A young blogger offers a soulful collection of essays about the bonds created when we share meals.

  • American Heroes

    One of our most thorough historians reexamines some early American icons.

  • Soul of the Age

    Shakespeare was a typical man of his age – except for the ways in which he was utterly unique.

  • Classic book review: When Will There Be Good News?

    This deeply satisfying Scottish thriller focuses on the hunt for a mother and her young baby.

  • Eye of My Heart

    Twenty-seven writers explore the complex joys of grandmotherhood.

  • Brooklyn

    The quiet, contemplative story of a young woman leaving Ireland for a new life in the Brooklyn of the 1950s.

  • The Shadow of Sirius

    W.S. Merwin’s Pulitzer Prize-winning poetry collection challenges our concept of reality.

  • Elephant Reflections

    A glimpse inside the world of the earth’s most massive creatures.

  • The Age of the Unthinkable

    Keeping the US truly safe, argues a journalist, requires us to radically rethink our sense of safety.

  • Swimming with Piranhas at Feeding Time

    Journalist Richard Conniff makes a habit of communing with the world’s most dangerous creatures.