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  • The Routes of Man

    The Routes of Man

    Ted Conover travels roads the world over to see how they are changing us.

  • Country Driving

    Country Driving

    On the road in a changing China.

  • Classic review: The Chosen

    Classic review: The Chosen

    Why being smart won't necessarily get you into Harvard.

  • Small Wars

    Small Wars

    A timely novel considers the damage that soldiering can inflict on a marriage.

  • Nothing to Envy

    Nothing to Envy

    The stories of six North Korean defectors offer a chilling portrait of life in an Orwellian society.

  • The Whale

    The Whale

    A tender look at a (mostly) gentle giant.

  • The Possessed

    The Possessed

    Quirky, comical essays explore the relationship between Russian literature and life.

  • The Power of Half

    The Power of Half

    A well-to-do American family downsizes and gives almost a million dollars to charity.

  • Classic review: The Reliable Wife

    Classic review: The Reliable Wife

    This debut novel sets an old-fashioned Gothic tale amid the ‘eternal snow’ of Wisconsin.

  • Black Hills

    Black Hills

    Science fiction and history mingle in this novel about a native American who travels from 1930s Mount Rushmore back into America’s past.

  • The Girl Who Fell From the Sky

    The Girl Who Fell From the Sky

    This stunning debut novel finds the beauty – and confusion – in a young life touched by tragedy.

  • Switch


    Why is change so hard?

  • Making Toast

    Making Toast

    Roger Rosenblatt’s hauntingly lovely memoir explores life as his family must live it after the death of his adult daughter.

  • Bomb Power

    Bomb Power

    Has modern warfare given US presidents too much power?

  • Point Omega

    Point Omega

    In Don DeLillo's latest novel, two men sit outside a desert hideaway, deep in discussion about the Iraq war.

  • Classic review: The Jane Austen Book Club

    Classic review: The Jane Austen Book Club

    When six friends gather to discuss Jane Austen's novels, they never suspect their own lives will be remade.

  • Us: Americans Talk About Love

    Us: Americans Talk About Love

    One simple question: Whom did you love most?

  • The Postmistress

    The Postmistress

    The lives of three women converge in the months leading up to the US's entry into World War II.

  • Marry Him

    Marry Him

    Do too many women overlook Mr. Good Enough in their search for Mr. Right?

  • Shadow Tag

    Shadow Tag

    Louise Erdrich pours heart and soul into this powerful, sensitive portrait of the final months of a destructive marriage.