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  • America's Great Debate

    Fergus M. Bordewich has penned a perceptive and tremendously witty book about the compromise that held the US together in the decade before the Civil War.

  • Barack Obama: The Story

    Clinton biographer David Maraniss strives for a key to America's 44th president.

  • Vita Nova

    Writer Andrew Frisardi renders Dante's text into clear, nimble English, creating a book that works for newcomers as well as Dante scholars.

  • New Ways to Kill Your Mother

    Author and essayist Colm Tóibín explores the ways that writers' families influence their work.

  • The Lost Bank

    Wall Street Journal reporter Kirsten Grind tells the arrogant, shocking, utterly mad story of the biggest bank failure in US history.

  • Darwin's Ghosts

    Rebecca Stott tells the stories of the intellectuals who grappled with the theories of evolution and natural selection centuries before Darwin got there. 

  • Ashes to Dust

    While the events of 'Ashes' sound outlandish, Sigurdardóttir's brisk writing style wins over the reader.

  • Over Time

    Deford's new memoir captures his polished crustiness.

  • Jasmine and Fire

    What do you do when war-torn Beirut – thousands of miles from where you work and live – is the city that feels most like home?

  • The Ocean of Life

    One of the world’s most prominent and articulate marine scientists gives us an updated, comprehensive, and engaging account of the ongoing crisis beneath the waves.

  • Bruce Springsteen and the Promise of Rock ‘n’ Roll

    This intelligent examination of the career of Bruce Springsteen traces the rock icon's ability to balance two disparate identities.

  • More Powerful Than Dynamite

    Author Thai Jones is an assured narrator and brings the book's setting of 1914 New York vividly to life.

  • Love, Fiercely

    'Love, Fiercely' is evocative and often captivating, but Zimmerman is forced too often to speculate about her historical subjects.

  • The Influencing Machine

    NPR’s Brooke Gladstone entertainingly recounts media history in a graphic novel.

  • Digital Vertigo

    Are Facebook and Twitter really forms of "an absurd global prison where we are all forced to live in public?” Author and Silicon Valley entrepreneur Andrew Keen is afraid that the answer is yes.

  • Carole King

    Carole King's memoir is short on musical details, but long on the artist's personal saga.

  • Just Send Me Word

    The letters of a young Soviet couple tell of Gulag life and love.

  • Truth Like the Sun

    Writer Jim Lynch skillfully crafts parallel stories to create a relentless novel.

  • On the Eve

    The focus in this book about the approach of the Holocaust is not Adolf Hitler and the Nazis but the European Jews themselves.

  • Thomas Hart Benton: A Life

    Biographer Justin Wolff makes a strong case that Thomas Hart Benton played a central role as American art moved into the modern era.

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