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  • Father’s Day gifts: 5 things to do with Dad for under $150

    Father's Day gifts are around the corner, and we're spending the most Father's Day bucks this year on experiences. This suggests we want to spend time with Dad, more than anything. With that in mind, here are 5 suggestions for Father's Day outings that won't break the bank.

  • Taco Bell menu items: Fast food chain goes upscale

    Taco Bell menu items target the Chipotle crowd, with slightly more upscale fare complete with an endorsement from a celebrity chef. But despite the new Taco Bell menu items, the chain isn’t forgetting its loyal core customers – young adults on the prowl for a cheap late-night snack.

  • 'Bachelorette' lawsuit settled. Can spoilers help reality TV?

    'The Bachelorette' producers have dropped a lawsuit against blogger Reality Steve. Since he began revealing spoilers of 'The Bachelor' and 'The Bachelorette' on his website, ratings have gone up.

  • National Donut Day: Free doughnuts inspired by WWI (+video)

    National Donut Day celebrates the women who served doughnuts to US troops overseas in the first World War. Get free doughnuts for National Donut Day at Krispy Kreme, Dunkin Donuts, and other chains.

  • National Spelling Bee: 10 winning business words

    In the National Spelling Bee’s 85-year existence, a wide range of words have crowned the winners – from science words like ‘crustaceology,’ to musical terms such as ‘soubrette,’ and ‘appoggiatura.’ The list of winning words also includes several that could slide right into the pages of this newspaper’s business section. In honor of the 2012 Scripps National Spelling Bee, here are 10 business words from past years that have determined the champion. Will this year’s winning word make the list?

  • Miami Dolphins on ‘Hard Knocks’ is shrewd business

    Miami Dolphins training camp will be featured in the documentary series 'Hard Knocks'  for its upcoming season. While some teams declined offers to appear on the HBO show, 'Hard Knocks' is a good fit for for a Miami Dolphins team struggling with falling ticket sales and a decade of football irrelevance.

  • No more big TV discounts? Samsung and Sony push to control pricing.

    Samsung and Sony, two of the world's biggest television manufacturers, have begin setting minimum retail prices on their sets.

  • Pet food recall that won't end? Diamond cat food now risky.

    Pet food recall from Diamond Pet Foods has been expanded eight times, triggered an FDA investigation and critique, and now includes cat food. The company's handling of the salmonella crisis may be even worse.

  • Pet food recall 2012 now includes 39 states

    Pet food recall 2012 involves brands including Kirkland, Premium Edge, and Diamond Naturals, manufactured by Diamond Pet Foods. The biggest pet food recall 2012 has been expanded multiple times since April. Counting additional recalls by separate brands manufactured in the Diamond Pet Foods facility, affected dog food has been sold in 39 states.

  • Free Comic Book Day: See 'The Avengers,' then read it for free (+video)

    Free Comic Book Day, celebrating its 10th year, usually coincides with the release of a big budget superhero movie. This year, Free Comic Book Day falls on the same weekend as the premiere of the much-anticipated 'Avengers' adaptation.

  • Junior Seau tragedy shakes NFL, intensifies concern about head injuries

    Former linebacker's apparent suicide, three years after retiring, renews denunciations of football's culture of toughness and the incidence of head injuries. Junior Seau had sustained multiple concussions, friends and family say.

  • Brooklyn Nets launch new logo. Reactions mixed (+video)

    The Brooklyn Nets have released a new logo, designed by rapper and co-owner Jay-Z. Love it or hate it, it won't really catch on until the Brooklyn Nets start winning more basketball games.

  • NFL draft: Why Andrew Luck's rookie salary has shrunk (+video)

    NFL draft 2012 top picks Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III won't be making the huge money of some of their top pick predecessors, like Sam Bradford and Matthew Stafford. New rules limiting rookie salaries ensure NFL draft 2012 picks have to prove their worth on the field before making the big bucks.

  • Hungry? Pizza Hut launches cheeseburger crust pizza. (+video)

    Pizza Hut has released a pizza lined with tiny cheeseburgers in the Middle East, just weeks after releasing the "Hot Dog Stuffed Crust Pizza" in the UK. When will Pizza Hut bring a wild pizza crust to the United States?

  • Tax Day freebies: Get free Arby's, Cinnabon, and more

    Tax Day freebies are being offered by several restaurant chains in honor of the April 17 filing deadline. Here is your comprehensive list of tax day freebies.

  • E-books price-fixing suit hits Apple. Will readers get compensated?

    E-books price fixing by Apple and several large book publishers forced consumers to pay an extra $2 to $3 extra per e-book, law-enforcement officials say. But the long-term impact on e-book prices is not clear.