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  • Energy Voices Fracking ban halts first shale gas project in Spain

    A ban on fracking in a northern region of Spain has crimped Repsol SA's plans to begin drilling for shale gas in the north of Spain. Repsol had planned to begin seismic studies, with a view to drilling, in July, but the Cantabrian fracking ban, which prevents all hydraulic fracturing activities within the region’s borders, has put a hold on plans.

  • Energy Voices The world's thinnest solar cell, just a nanometer thick

    Researchers at MIT have developed a technique for creating solar cells that are only two molecules thick. The resulting solar cell can only offer a conversion efficiency of 1 - 2 percent, but by placing multiple cells one on top of the other the overall generation capacity can be far greater than conventional cells.

  • Energy Voices A surprising source of demand for US natural gas

    The US natural gas market is on the verge of a big swing, Forest writes, but it doesn't have to do with liquid natural gas. Instead, there's an interesting and unexpected source of demand for US natural gas.

  • Energy Voices A Gulf of Mexico oil platform has been leaking for 9 years

    Hurricane Ivan swept away an oil production platform in the Gulf of Mexico in 2004. Nine years later, it's still leaking oil, although the company behind the project says it has reduced the leak to a trickle.

  • Energy Voices Obama pledges $7 billion for clean energy in Africa

    President Obama unveiled this week a $7 billion plan to improve energy access in Africa over the next five years. The "Africa Power" initiative was announced during President Obama's three country tour of Senegal, South Africa, and Tanzania.

  • Energy Voices British shale gas reserves double. Will the UK frack?

    Estimates of shale gas resources in the North of England are double that of previous estimate, according to a new report. Britain’s shale industry is still very young, Burgess writes, and as it has not been determined whether any gas can be economically extracted, it may never actually grow to maturity. 

  • Energy Voices Clean energy will be world's No. 2 source of power by 2016, IEA says

    Clean energy will be the second largest global source of electricity by 2016, according to a new report from the International Energy Agency. Only coal will generate more electricity than clean energy within three years, the IEA projects.

  • Energy Voices Global warming and the politics of fossil fuel

    We’re not going to be able to transition to a non-fossil-fuel economy overnight, Fen Montaigne, senior editor of Yale Environment 360, said in an interview with But if you keep approving tar sands projects, or massive pipelines, or drilling in the Arctic, when does it stop?

  • Energy Voices Google Tesla: Could a tech giant buy the electric car company?

    Having paid off its federal loan, Tesla Motors could technically put it up for sale, according to a report in Bloomberg. The electric car company might seem a good fit for a deep-pocketed tech giant like Google, but Tesla chief executive Elon Musk has suggested he has no intention of selling the company.

  • Energy Voices How energy companies fight terrorism

    Energy companies across the globe are forming special units to respond to acts of terrorism after recent attacks in Algeria. With the economy just as much a viable target as any, counter-terrorism may becoming more than just the military's game.

  • Energy Voices Can Baghdad stop exports of Kurdish oil?

    For the moment, Baghdad won't be able to stop the Kurdish oil and gas momentum growing in Northern Iraq, Alic writes. Once the pipeline is up and running, the game is over and Baghdad doesn’t have the resources to turn it into a conflict.

  • Energy Voices Will Obama's new climate policy lead to a greener future?

    President Obama is expected to roll out a major climate policy that may include EU-style benchmarks for renewable energy and greenhouse gas emissions. Can Obama make progress on clean energy in his second term?

  • Energy Voices The consequences of 'extreme energy'

    Proponents of fracking, the Keystone XL pipeline, and deep-offshore production all say that these are just other forms of 'oil' and 'clean-burning natural gas,' without explaining that these forms of 'extreme energy' have significantly worse impacts on the environment, Michael Klare, a professor of peace and world security studies at Hampshire College, says in an interview with

  • Energy Voices Why squirrels are nuts about solar panels

    Squirrels have taken a shine to gnawing through home solar panel wires, according to various reports. The good news is there's a simple solution to prevent squirrels from feasting on your photovoltaic array.

  • Energy Voices BP ends cleanup of oil spill in Gulf of Mexico

    BP is wrapping up cleanup operations of the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. The move comes with permission from the US Coast Guard, which says BP no longer needs to send out regular patrols to clean the tar from the coastline.

  • Energy Voices Drilling for (virtual) oil in industry's new online game

    An energy and shipping company has developed an online video game to help attract young people to jobs in the oil and gas industry. Players locate and drill into deep oil reserves situated in extreme environments, which vary from the cold, dangerous North Sea, to the blazing heat of the Qatari dessert.

  • Energy Voices Solar power shines in oil-rich Saudi Arabia

    As solar prices have fallen, and oil prices have risen, Saudi Arabia now has a strong economic incentive to push ahead with its long awaited solar plans, Peixe writes. Saudi Arabia’s desire to install vast amounts of generation capacity makes them a potentially important market, and they will be able to take advantage of this with Chinese manufacturers.

  • Energy Voices GM offers $5,000 discount on Chevy Volt to boost sales

    General Motors is offering a $5,000 discount on its Chevy Volt electric car in an effort to jumpstart lagging sales. The Chevy Volt discount follows the strategy of the recent reduction in price of the Nissan Leaf.

  • Energy Voices Libya oil production slows as world looks elsewhere for fuel

    Ongoing protests have forced the closure of two export terminals and an entire oil field in Libya, causing a drop in the country's oil production. Gains in production elsewhere may mean a long road ahead for oil in Libya.

  • Energy Voices In Amish country, trading fracking rights for a pittance

    Some energy companies are offering Amish farmers in eastern Ohio a pittance to drill on their land, according to an article in the New Republic. The problem is that once the farmers realise that they have signed away their land for a mere fraction of its real worth, Burgess writes, they are unable to sue in court because their religion does not permit lawsuits.

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