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New Indiana law: Does freedom of religion mean freedom to discriminate? (+video)

Indiana became the 20th state to pass its version of a religious freedom restoration act last week, amid a national debate over the legal limits of religious conservatives' and LGBT citizens' visions for the nation’s common life together.

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  • Passcode The great Anonymous divide

    While the Guy Fawkes masks associated with Anonymous are seen at youthful protests around the world, the hacktivist collective is far from being a unified global movement.

  • Passcode Lessons from the trenches of a cybercrisis rapid response team

    Many major security vendors have teams of professionals ready to aid companies under cyberattack. At IBM, calls to the hotline for its emergency response team dubbed 'Cyber 911' have tripled over the past year. Here's some advice from its team for businesses to protect themselves.

  • Passcode Voices How to defeat Internet bullies

    Laws against online abuse are often underenforced and many police departments need better training to confront threats on the Web. But author and privacy expert Danielle Citron says states are starting to do more, and the public is beginning to stand up against Internet trolls, bullies, and tormentors.

March 30, 2015

Photos of the day 03/30

A boy feeds his sister in a slum on the outskirts of Islamabad, Pakistan, Monday.

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