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Movie Guide

April 1, 2005

Kontroll (R)

Director: Nimród Antal. With Sandór Csányi, Eszter Balla, Zsolt Nagy, Csaba Pindroch. (110 min.)

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Sterritt **** See review.

Look at Me (PG-13)

Director: Agnès Jaoui. With Agnès Jaoui, Marilou Berry, Jean-Pierre Bacri, Laurent Grévill. (110 min.)

Originally called "Comme un image."

Sterritt *** See review.

Odessa ... Odessa! (Not rated)

Director: Michale Boganim. With residents of New York, Israel, and Ukraine. (97)

Sterritt *** A documentary voyage from the original Odessa, in Russia, to Little Odessa in New York, and on to Israel, where many Odessa emigrants have settled. This leisurely, transfixing movie is much more interested in nostalgic atmosphere than "educational" facts. In English, Russian, and Hebrew with subtitles.

The Ballad of Jack & Rose (R)

Director: Rebecca Miller. With Daniel Day-Lewis, Camilla Belle, Beau Bridges, Catherine Keener. (112 min.)

Sterritt *** Marvelously acted story about an aging anarchist, his teenage daughter, and their struggle to keep up a life of happy solitude despite the distractions of Jack's love life and a real-estate developer who wants houses to spring up around them. Smart and engrossing, if too heavy on the symbolism at times.

Be Cool (PG-13)

Director: F. Gary Gray. With John Travolta, Uma Thurman, Cedric the Entertainer, Christina Milian. (114 min.)

Sterritt *Sequel to the 1995 hit "Get Shorty," with crook Chili Palmer putting his muscle behind the career of a gifted African-American singer. The overlong comedy has few laughs and flirts far too much with racist, homophobic humor. A waste of a fine cast.

Beyond the Sea/Más allá del mar (Not rated)

Director: Lisandro Perez-Rey. With veterans of the Mariel Boatlift from Cuba. (80 min.)

Sterritt *** Documentary about the famous Cuban boatlift of the Jimmy Carter era. Full of fascinating eye-witness accounts. In English and Spanish with subtitles.

D.E.B.S. (PG-13)

Director: Angela Robinson. With Sara Foster, Jordana Brewster, Devon Aoki, Jill Ritchie. (91 min.)

Sterritt ** It turns out the SATs contain a secret test that detects your ability to lie and cheat, and if you score well you're drafted into this all-girl spy squad, where the latest assignment is to track down a femme fatale with fatal plans for her victims. Alas, the movie isn't nearly as amusing as its premise, but it's refreshingly different from most run-of-the-mill teenage fare.

Guess Who (PG-13)

Director: Kevin Rodney Sullivan. With Bernie Mac, Ashton Kutcher, Zoë Saldaña, Judith Scott. (106 min.)

Sterritt * Updated version of the 1967 hit "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner," which broke cultural ground by putting Hollywood's stamp of approval on interracial marriage. The trite and contrived remake, about an African-American woman whose father has trouble accepting her white fiancé, is almost too flat and stilted to sit through, much less be inspired by.

Hitch (PG-13)

Director: Andy Tennant. With Will Smith, Eva Mendes, Kevin James, Amber Valletta. (118 min.)