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Movie Guide

September 10, 2004

Bang Rajan (Not rated)

Director: Tanit Jitnukul. With Jaran Ngamdee, Theerayut Pratyabamrung, Bongkoj Khomgmalai. (119 min.)

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Sterritt *** Siamese villagers fight Burmese invaders in the 18th century, led by the chief warrior of a distant tribe that agrees to help them. The story suggests a more violent "Seven Samurai," full of jungle mayhem and eloquently filmed action-movie suspense. In Thai with subtitles

Cellular (PG-13)

Director: David R. Ellis. With Kim Basinger, Chris Evans, William H. Macy, Eric Christian Olsen. (94 min.)

Staff ** See review.

Criminal (R)

Director: Gregory Jacobs. With John C. Reilly, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Diego Luna, Peter Mullan. (87 min.)

Sterritt ** A fledgling con artist apprentices himself to a seasoned veteran and, as usual in movies like this, little is what it seems to be. This remake of the Argentine hit is effective at times, and Gyllenhaal shows a new side of her talent, but the main impression is of first-rate performers doing second-rate work.

A Letter to True (Not rated)

Director: Bruce Weber. With Marleine Bastien, Bruce Weber, Julie Christie, Marian Faithfull. (78 min.)

Sterritt **** True is Weber's dog, and in this documentary-style "letter" the filmmaker/photographer ruminates on everything from Elizabeth Taylor to the miseries of war. It's all deliberately homemade and raggedy, and that's where its charm comes from, along with the delightful old-music score.

The Private Archives of Pablo Escobar (Not rated)

Director: Marc de Beaufort. With Escobar family members and associates. (78 min.)

Sterritt *** Documentary about the honcho of Colombia's notorious Medéllin drug cartel, who became a major political figure before his violent death. Gripping. In Spanish with subtitles

Reconstruction (Not rated)

Director: Christoffer Boe. With Nikolaj Lie Kaas, Maria Bonnevie, Nicolas Bro, Krister Henriksson. (90 min.)

Sterritt *** A young man leaves his girlfriend for an attractive strange and then finds his entire world turning so strange and unfamiliar he literally can't recognize it. The movie's main message is that stories can push our emotional buttors even though we know they're only fictional constructions. The influence of Danish filmmaker Lars von Trier looms heavily over the whole film. In Danish with subtitles

Testosterone (Not rated)

Director: David Moreton. With Leonardo Brzezicki, Sonia Braga, Dario Dukah, Jennifer Coolidge. (101 min.)

Sterritt ** A gay American man meets mercurial new acquaintances while scouring an Argentine city for his runaway boyfriend. Starts quirky, grows steadily darker, doesn't build much excitement.

Unlikely Heroes (Not rated)

Director: Richard Trank. With Ben Kingsley, Robert Clary, Recha Sternbuch, Anna Heilman. (120 min.)

Sterritt *** Documentary about several Jews who rebelled in different ways against the Holocaust and its horrors. Moving and informative. In English and Hebrew with subtitles

What the #$*! Do We Know!? (Not rated)

Directors: William Arntz, Betsy Chasse, Mark Vicente. With Marlee Matlin, John Hagelin, Amit Goswami. (108 min.)