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2002 Mega Movie Guide

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Staff ** You can't keep a good undead psycho down. The 10th installment in the "Friday the 13th" series brings Jason and one of his hapless victims into the 25th century, when Earth is no longer inhabitable and a dark spaceship takes the place of camp Crystal Lake. Ninety minutes of the usual ensues: running, screaming, and impaling. By Alex Kaloostian.

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John Q (PG-13)

Director: Nick Cassavetes. With Denzel Washington, Anne Heche, Robert Duvall. (116 min.)

Sterritt ** John is a working-class guy whose boy needs life-saving surgery not covered by his insurance. After failing to raise enough cash, and getting no sympathy from the hospital's financial office, he becomes a vigilante dad. The early scenes persuasively etch John's fatherly love and raise crucial questions about the US healthcare system. But it's grimly fascinating to watch fine actors wrestle with the increasingly awful screenplay.

Staff ** Manipulative, bad dialogue, well-paced.

Sex/Nudity: 1 instance of innuendo. Violence: 8 scenes, including fistfighting. Profanity: 31 expressions, some harsh. Drugs: 2 scenes with smoking.

Jonah: a VeggieTales Movie (G)

Director: Mike Nawrocki, Phil Vischer. With (voices): Vischer, Nawrocki, Tim Hodge, Lisa Vischer. (83 min.)

Staff *** Squabbling families run their van off a road and wind up in a cafe, where strangers teach them about compassion and mercy through a delightfully updated telling of the Jonah story. Aimed at children, but filled with gags for adults, this is the first theatrical film based on the popular VeggieTales video series. By M.K. Terrell

Sex/Nudity: None. Violence: 5 scenes cartoonish violence. Profanity: None. Drugs: None.

Juwanna Mann (PG-13)

Director: Jesse Vaughan. With Miguel A. Nuñez Jr., Vivica A. Fox, Tommy Davidson. (90 min.)

Staff *1/2 Angry over his ejection from a game, ace basketball player Jamal Jeffries flashes the crowd and earns an indefinite suspension. Desperate to play, he joins a women's team as Juwanna Mann and begins to learn sportsmanship and humility. The cast, including team captain Fox and long-suffering agent Pollak, exhibits sportsmanship by fighting gamely with this worn-out material to produce some amusing moments. By M.K. Terrell

Sex/Nudity: 9 scenes, mostly innuendo, 1 with nudity. Violence: 6 mild scenes. Profanity: 25 harsh expressions. Drugs: 3 scenes with drinking.

K-19: The Widowmaker (PG-13)

Director: Kathryn Bigelow. With Harrison Ford, Liam Neeson, Peter Sarsgaard, Joss Ackland. (138 min.)

Staff *** True story of a near-nuclear meltdown aboard a cold-war-era Soviet submarine might not seem likely engaging material for 21st-century American audiences. But history and geopolitics provide only a backdrop here. A fine corps of actors, led by Ford and Neeson, make this an uplifting tale of survival against powerful technology run amok. By Gregory M. Lamb

Staff **1/2 Gripping, sobering, realistic.

Sex/Nudity: 2 instances innuendo. Violence: 6 scenes, including disturbing scenes of radiation exposure. Profanity: 2 mild expressions. Drugs: At least 6 scenes with drinking and smoking.

Kandahar (Not rated)

Director: Mohsen Makhmalbaf. With Nilofaur Pazira, Sadou Teymour. (82 min.)

Sterritt *** Clad in a veil that hides her identity and intentions, an Afghan woman tries to enter her homeland from Iran on a rescue mission to her sister. During the journey, she witnesses suffering but sees the strength of people who assist her, including a US medical worker. This drama by one of Iran's great filmmakers casts a light on fundamental human conflicts.

Staff **1/2 Stunning images, weak acting, amateurish, impressionistic.

Sex/Nudity: None. Violence: 1 robbery scene. Profanity: None. Drugs: 1 scene with smoking.

Karmen Geï (Not rated)

Director: Joseph Gaï Ramaka. With Djeïnaba Diop Gaï, Magaye Niang, Stéphanie Biddle. (84 min.)