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US hit list of EU imports

By Reuters / March 9, 1999

Us officials have targeted the following European Union products for punitive import duties in a dispute over EU banana import policies.

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The Customs Service is requiring importers to post bonds to cover threatened 100 percent duties on these goods, imports of which are worth some $520 million a year.

The measures apply to selected products from Austria, Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, and Britain.

*Pork (except hams, shoulders, and bellies)

*Pecorino and feta cheese (from sheep's milk)

*Sweet biscuits, waffles, and wafers

*Bath preparations other than bath salts


*Propylene plates, sheets, film, and foil

*Plastic handbags

*Small articles made of plastic

*Uncoated felt paper and paperboard in rolls or sheets

*Folding cartons, boxes, and cases of noncorrugated paper or paperboard

*Lithographs on paper or paperboard

*Cashmere sweaters and pullovers

*Bed linen

*Lead-acid storage batteries

*Electrothermic coffee or tea makers

Source: Office of US Trade Representative