See the Movie, Buy the Pajamas?

THIS summer's movie season has two battlefields: the box office and the toy store. Several thousand products linked to ''Pocahontas,'' ''Batman Forever,'' ''Casper,'' and ''Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie'' are starting to flood retail outlets, making for a hard-fought movie merchandise campaigns.

''It's the most competitive I can recall in a long time,'' says Linda Berkeley, whose MCA Merchandising Group handles ''Casper'' products.

Most of the movie-related merchandise predictably is geared to young children: ''Pocahontas'' action figures, ''Casper'' pajamas, ''Batman'' T-shirts. But some summer action films aimed at older consumers -- from ''Congo'' to Kevin Costner's $175 million ''Waterworld'' -- will be accompanied by merchandise, too. An interactive CD-ROM version of ''Johnny Mnemonic'' supplements the film's release, for example.

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Even though most people predict Disney's ''Pocahontas'' will rule at both theaters and cash registers, MCA says ''Casper'' will compete with more than 1,000 ''Casper'' products. Problem: The title character, a ghost, is mostly invisible. One solution: glow-in-the-dark ''Casper'' bed sheets.

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