`United States of Europe': An Outdated Idea

It is clear from the editorial ``Behind Britain's Veto,'' June 29, that the Monitor favors a federal United States of Europe. The editorial states, ``There are EU [European Union] accomplishments to trumpet and good arguments for a yet closer union. It's time to hear them again.''

Maybe, but I beg you not to forget the other side of the case. There are already many in England who regard the Europe a la Jacques Delors (centralized bureaucratic control from Brussels) as a recipe for disaster. Already the Brussels machine has thrown up some grotesque situations, especially concerning the common agricultural policy and payments to pregnant ex-sevicewomen. The Europe a la Charles de Gaulle (a confederation of sovereign states working together but keeping their own identities) is a sensible and workable idea.

Opinion in Europe is beginning to move away from the idea of a Brussels-controlled super state. It is sad to see the Monitor supporting an outdated idea. R.J.R. McDougall, London

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