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Cultural Diversity: A Page From the Report

By From `Americanizing the American Orchestra' / November 22, 1993

``In fewer than 20 years from now, African Americans, Latinos, Asian Americans, and Native Americans will account for one third of the U.S. population - more than 80 million people. These `minority' populations already comprise the majority in 15 of the nation's 28 largest cities. According to Census Bureau estimates, by the middle of the next century, virtually half of the population with be made up of these `minorities....'

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``Thus, the Task Force urges the orchestra field and individual orchestras to adopt a long-term goal.... Some of the elements of change may include: * Making the orchestra more inclusive at all levels, strengthening artistic and organizational quality. * An expansion of the orchestral repertoire. * Drawing a new generation of Americans into the orchestra. * Gateways to change:

- Mission and vision

- Orchestra leadership

- The repertoire

- Education of audiences and the community

- Development of the talent pool and its access to the orchestra

- Relationship with the community.''