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How to make a pomander

By Tilde MerkertSpecial to The Christian Science Monitor / January 28, 1983

Brighten up a winter's day by creating a pomme d'ambrem - or pomander, a spice ball that dates back to the Middle Ages. To build one, take a firm, medium-size, fragrant orange with thin skin. Do not use tangerines.

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Then buy a bag of potent-smelling whole cloves.

Start by gently but firmly pushing the pointed end of the cloves into the fruit rind. One pomander enthusiast suggests ringing the fruit with cloves first , rather like a miniature equator. Work up and down from there until the fruit is completely and firmly covered with cloves.

Now, make up a mix of your favorite ground spices, rolling the pomander in the mix. Repeat several times. Tie the finished product in a square of colored net, and tie it with a ribbon or cord.