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CBS again in top position in television ratings race

By With Analysis From Monitor Correspondents Around The World, Editied By Karla Vallance / December 9, 1981

New York

CBS, last year's network Nielsen leader, is resoundingly back in the top TV spot. Last week's ratings for the ninth week of the new season show that CBS had eight of the top 10 shows, and took the lead once gain in the evening news race. NBC's evening news is in second place, with the feisty ABC news slipping back to third.

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According to Monitor TV critic Arthur Unger, only two new shows -''Maverick'' (NBC) and ''Falcon Crest'' (CBS) - made the top 10, with only the new ''Fall Guy'' (ABC), ''Father Murphy''(NBC), and ''Walt Disney'' (CBS) in the top 30.

Top shows of the week, outdistancing everything else by several million viewers, were, No. 1, ''60 Minutes,'' and No. 2, ''Dallas,'' both CBS.