Labor pact offers Poland a model

The settlement whereby LOT, the state-owned Polish airline, diverted a strike that threatened to ground it indefinitely has set a precedent for industrial peace in this country, Monitor correspondent Eric Bourne reports. A dispute between the government and the new independent labor movement was resolved through arbitration for the first time.

A clash between the government and Solidarity, which represents most airline employees, arose when the government refused to accept the workers' choice for director. After a one-hour "warning" strike, the two sides agreed to independent arbitration between a government team and management experts from the unofficial group of intellectuals called Experience and the Future, which proposed far-reaching reforms before the present crisis exploded last summer.

Under the agreement, the airline will be governed by a board divided evenly between government and employees. The chairman will be nominated by the government, and LOT will have full control of financial and economic responsibilities.

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The agreement will serve as a model for other enterprises of state and economic significa nce, such as the railroads, the mint, and state forests.

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